The Zelda Phantom Hour Glass Music Mystery

I was looking back at some really really old games, because I'm a nostagic kinda guy and I came across this. This is the end sequence of a game called Ultima Underworld The Stygian Abyss and it came out of the PC. It was one of those RPG games that came on 100 disks...or one CDRom if you were rich; we unfortunately had the disk version.

Is it just me or is the music at 1 minute 30 seconds incredibly familiar. You see, I have started playing Zelda the Phantom Hour Glass on my DS and the music from it has been itched in to my skull.

So when I heard the ending theme tune, I thought to myself, "hang on somethings up here!"

So, have a listen to this:

Now you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to pick up the similar themes in the tune.

I put it do you Nintendo that you have ripped off Ultima's score and placed it in one of your biggest franchises (Sorry I have been playing Phoenix Write – Ace Attorney too)

Coincidence or blatant plagiarism, there’s only one way to find out...FIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGHT


Yes, it seems I have made a rather embarrassing mistake. But in stead of deleting this and pretending it never happened. I'm going to revel in my own stupidity and invite you to leave your insulting messages; GO ME.


Jody said...

You FOOL. The description on youtube states:

"I added some Zelda music because there was no music installed. The music for the game is horrible."

BAM. Who's yo momma Tommy? WHO'S YOUR MOMMA.

Case closed.


Ningamer said...

Sorry for confusing you. I'm gonna re-upload the video with the correct music at some point in my life. With a screen recorder. Not a digital camera

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