The Lost Initiative: Season 4 Episode 1

So Lost is back...
Season 4
Episode 1

Its podcast time baby!

We are filming in a new studio this time and I get told that it will take 25 minutes from central London, so off I set.

24 minutes later and I'm still on the tube...
45 minutes later I'm on the train and my mobile starts ringing and Lee shouts down the phone:

"Where the bloody hell are you, WE HAVE THE NEW EPISODE OF LOST TO WATCH"

Which to be honest was a fair enough comment, luckily enough though I was only 10 minutes away and as soon as I had got through the door, I got sat down in front of a big screen to watch the wonder unfold.

40 minutes later...

The credits come up and we are all strangely silent, then Paul jumps in...

No, not with some crazy arm dance. He quizzes us on what we thought of the first episode in 6 months. Lee liked it, I'm a bit unsure but as I was so late we are whisked off to the studio to start the discussion and I save my misgivings till a later date.

After a brief few minutes to set up we are off.

Takes around 2 minutes for us to get in the groove, it seems like I'm talking complete rubbish. I don't know if that’s what I always sound like. I think it will take a few weeks to get in to it again and actually come up with some semi decent theories.

Lee starts talking about when he interviewed the actor who plays Sayid...says that he got him to do an Alan Partridge impression; apparently he bloody loves Partridge. I think I started shouting DAN DAN DAN at that point but they will probably cut it out.

Anyway, suddenly we come to an abrupt halt in our chat and it seems the natural point to stop. It went quickly, very quickly.

It was good to be back having a laugh with Lee and Terry.

If you want to listen to the finished product, click the link below...and pray you have itunes.

The Lost Initiative Season 4 Episode 1

I'll catch ya next week.


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