Something wicked this way comes.

When I was younger one of my best friends mum worked in a video shop, back when videos came on videos. We were both absolute horror nuts, still am. We watched, in single sittings, the whole of some of the best horror movies series ever created. Friday 13th, Nightmare on Elm St, The Howling, Evil Dead(repeatedly).

I say this to express just how bat shit crazy I am about horror movies.

The rise of Asia extreme has been a real joy, those guys are some of the most screwed up movie makers ever and I love them for it. Then of course Hollywood got their dirty mitts on it and, know Lennie Small from Of Mice and Men (played wonderfully by John Malkovich in the movie adaptation)? Thats Hollywood and the Asian horror movie is the tiny, cute little mouse he likes to carry and eventually crushes cause he's dumb too comprehend what he's doing might hurt the tiny mouse.

Anyway, I digress.

My hot tip for this year, the new pro in the horror movie market, its a little out of left wing, Finland. No I have not gone mad.

Heard about a film a while ago, from a guy called AJ Annila who directed the first Finnish martial arts movie, Jade Warrior, I have that one on order. His latest film is called Sauna, and yes it refers to the sweat box. It is in fact about Finnish sauna culture in an area between Christianity and paganism. Yup, its a horror movie about a sauna, this is blowing my mind, let it blow yours:

Bronson Club Teaser

Next up I am yet again unsure how the hell to process this. Anyone know Lordi? The prosthetic laden rockers of Eurovision fame. Oddly enough they have a film coming out, yup, you heard right. It's called Dark Floors, before you think I've gone mad check out the trailer:

Dark Floors Trailer

Thats actually looks, and I'm scared when I say this, good. Admittedly the bit were Lordi show up looks a tad on the trouser stain side but the rest looks so promising I just have to give a try.

A final film not from the bizarre land of Finland(to much land?). This is the latest helping from Robert Englund, a true horror legend. Jack Brooks is a plumber, but his life's about to get turned upside down when his professor friend(Englund) accidentally swallows a demon heart, oops. He used to be a plumber, now he's Jack Brooks Monster Slayer:

Jack Brooks Monster Slayer



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