Superbad Junket Meltdown

Why is English humour even more funny when it's ripping into Americans? Its just one of those things like ice-cream tastes better when it belongs to someone else.

Geek News of the Week

Not written for a week or so but the world keeps turning and news keeps coming my way.

Firstly some news which will excite Geeky Tom, one of my all time favourite games is being made into a film. Return to Castle Wolfentstein has been optioned and is the hands of Samual Hadida and Roger Avary, and as people go I could think of worse, namely German sycophants who have no basic concept of what a film is and go by the name of Uwe. Hadida is a solid producer and I really like Avary's writing style plus he's been working with Neil Gaimen recently (Beowulf) so that can only mean good and dark things. But lets face it whatever happens the film is gonna have the supernatural and nazis, not to mention nazis dying in a variety of ways.

The ultimate geek news of the week has been developments in the World of Warcraft movie. Now this confuses me cause quite honestly I can't see it working, fun if it did but I dont see how. The latest update claims a 100 million budget and a release date of 2009, and the they have Thomas Tull producer of 300 on board. Their also after a director in the same league as Zak Synder and Chrsi Nolan which would be amazing I suppose but then they use lines like this:

"The film itself will revolve around a ‘badass’ new hero, with a theme towards conflict and culture - being a War Movie rather than a quest movie, from an Alliance’s perspective."

"Badass"? Who the hell uses the word badass any more, it sounds like such a sleazey exec comment I was actually a little bit sick in my mouth. But what if the other stuff works out? We could be looking at the geekiest movie ever made!!!

Oh and heres some concept art (just looks like art from the game but who am I to argue).

Finally before I go to finish reading Harry Potter (I'll let you know about that whiney little git next, ooh my parents died, get over it) some rumours about the next Dr Who. Could it be the Dr Jekyll is taking on another doctor role? I'm not so sure, I think James Nesbitt is hot stuff after the amazing Jekyll it's only natural rumours like this would get attached to him. We shall see, besides I hear he's going to be working on the next season of Jekyll anyway.

Kokoro Scan Utter Maddness

I am big fan of the Japanese. I love Manga, Anime and I have always thought I could derive sense out of the most intricate plot. I thought there was nothing that could come out of the country that I couldn’t relate to on some level.

Then this new game for the DS came along. Sega of all people have made it. And they have named it Kokoro Scan.

To put it very bluntly, my mind has been completely blown.

I really don't want to know what that guy in the clouds is doing. Can the younger views please turn avert your eyes.

"Quick, zoom in on his crotch!!!"

Here we have a christ like figure, riding some kind of holy bananna, while a crazed bear and a dog chase what seems to be some kind of escaped Paedophile.

There are actually laws against doing this! (Probably why he's on the run)

Here is the complete master work if you want to partake in a bit of Japanese madness.

I recommend that you do!