Portable Nostalgia Part 1 (The Legend of the Mystical Ninja)

I have a Nintendo DS pretty much like the rest of the world, but what I love about it is probably completely different for the reasons you love yours.

I call it something different you see, I call it my Nintendo Nostalgia Machine, or The Nintendo NM for short; see what I did there?

Basically, all the games I used to play as a kid have either been brought out in a new and improved version, or some enterprising young internet geek has created virtual emulators so I can play other games that I used to enjoy I was a Yuuth (slang for youth apparently)

Ok example number 1...or maybe week 1 as this has turned in to a weekly segment.

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

A crazy two player platormer/RPG that introduced me to the whole anime scene, even though I didn't know it at the time.

You play either a spiky haired ninja child called Kid Ying and your mate (if you had one) played a fat blue haired Dr.Yang. The best part is when you are playing in two player mode, you can ride piggy back. From what I remember there wasn’t any advantage to this except for the ability to degrade your best friend.

The plots pretty simple, Princess Yuki has been kidnapped by the Otafu army. To save the princess, you travel across Japan partaking in different mini games, boss fights and rather strange dialogue.

Look at this boss, he was great.
You don’t see health bars on bosses that often now. They should bring them back.

You just don't have bosses like this anymore. Well, not the ones I play anyway which is probably because I only play World of Warcraft.

Well, they have made an up to date version for the DS, it hasn't come out over here so I have to make do with adverts like this, which rock by the way.

And game play videos like this...

I have actually played the Japanese version of this on my R4 (which I will leave unexplained as I could get in to trouble).

I got about 20 minutes in to the game before I gave up as I don’t speak a word of Japanese and It was probably hindering my experience. Anyway if they bring it out in the EU, then I recommend buying it. There something very endearing about the characters and the hand drawn backgrounds and the excellent music…I could go on and on.

I was going to try and fit a load of other games in to this post but it would have been huge so I'm going to split it up in to parts. I might even get the other guys and gal to join in.

So coming soon...

Children of Mana
Mario and Lugi Partners in Time
Final Fantasy 3
Scumm DS


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