Ong Bak 2 - The Beginning

I watched the original film and I have absolutely no recollection of the plot.

This leads me to believe that there wasn't anything of any significance in that department and this sequel has no connection to the Ong Bak I watched apart from the "Legendary Tony Ja".

However I then remembered that it's a martial art's film and a plot can, and usually does just get in the way of the fighting.

Then I watched the trailer and smiled.

Tony Ja (the protagonist) has been likened to Bruce Lee. He does all his own stunts and knows how to use his fists, head, shoulders, Knees and toes.

If you're a fan of martial art's films then watch it, if you hate the sight of grown men fighting then go pick some flowers...hippy.

"I done bad things." So says SOLOMON KANE.

"If I kill you I am bound for hell. It is a price I am willing to pay."

With these immortal words I knew that this film was going to kick my ass raw.

SOLOMON KANE is a character created by Robert E. Howard of Conan fame and all the sword, sorcery and violent heroics that made me love that muscled bound idiot are present here, plus he has pistols and the devil wants him.

To sum up, Kane is 16th century viscous bastard who as a captain in his majesties armies leads a band of equally nasty gits into war for England. He takes great pleasure in killing and plundering, until him and his men raid a castle in Africa for treasure and are all killed (except for Kane of course) by demons. Kane comes face to face with a particularly nasty one who it seems has been sent by the devil himself to claim Kane's blackened soul, fancy that. Kane obviously takes great umbrage with this and decides against it.

Kane vows to follow a life of peace to save his soul, no violence, some nasty scarification and lots of hugging kittens etc. Of course a pious beardy bloke being nice wouldn't make much of a film so in come more demons and Kane goes to work in typical 80s style man driven to the edge, kind of like Popeye but with more blood.


Now another reason I'm rather excited about this is because of Michael J. Bassett the director. He directed the much underrated Deathwatch(though looking at imdb it did win some awards so it must of been the idiotic public that underrated it), a great horror film set in WW1 trenches starring Billy Elliot and Gollum. Deathwatch had great atmosphere, real darkness and terror, not to mention the style which by the look of the trailer is really going to suit this film. Plus Solomon Kane has got Pete Postlethwaite in it.


Random Guy Does Some PS4, Xbox 720 Concepts

Tai Chiem, an "Award winning, ambitious, passionate designer, self motivated with a great eye for design" has put together his take on what the next generation of consoles should look like.


Xbox 720

I think the designers are fantastic, especially the PS4. Give this man a job that's what I say. If you want to see more of his work then you can visit his site here:

Tai Chiem - Industrial Design

Dollhouse Series 2 and Boondock Saints 2

The first episode of Dollhouse series 2 is out for the people in the know...people who aren't me it seems. Not sure if there is one for slightly questionable download but it might be worth looking.

Luckily Joss has given as a quick catch up in the latest press release for the show:

To refresh, Echo has been rescued from ALPHA (who is still at large) after having all her former personas dumped into her brain all at once. PAUL BALLARD (Tahmoh Penikett) has agreed to work with the Dollhouse in exchange for NOVEMBER’s (Miracle Laurie) freedom. DR. SAUNDERS (Amy Acker) has discovered she is actually an Active, designate “Whiskey,” who was designed by TOPHER (Fran Kranz) to replace the doctor Alpha murdered. And ADELLE (Olivia Williams) has gotten a fabulous haircut.

We hope you enjoy our happy little tale. If you don’t: sleepy...

If you haven't seen this show yet it is worth a look. It's a slow burner which will creep up on you until you are salivating for next the episode, nice huh?

Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day

My mate Rob showed me the original in my first year of uni. It was his favorite film and it soon became one of mine.

Here is the Trailer for the old one:

and here is the trailer for the new one:

Not sure about the lack of a William Dafoe, he was amazing in the original. I'm still going to watch it though.

Warcraft, Halo, Bioshock, Prince of Perisa, Avatar are all Games and Now Films...Woot

As the recession bites, studios have started to turn to computer games for inspiration rather than just smashing out endless sequels. There are a couple of games, bright sparkles in an otherwise black abyss that I’m hoping will buck the trend of bad game to film translations.


The game and the film are being released at the same time and it should be a real cinematic event, yes you guessed it, it’s James Carmon’s Avatar.

The 3D spectacular that will turn going to the Cinema in to an event again (the best way to fight the pirates) will also spawn an MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game).

Based in the same world as the film, you will be able to experience his vision first hand with another couple of thousand people. James was heavily involved in the creation of the game so it should be up to standard.

Prince of Persia

A Jerry Bruckheimer blockbusting extravaganza, featuring an extremely ripped Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Kingsly doing his standard villain routine.

It has been in production for a while and apparently they are just finishing up the special effects so it should be out soon. The film follows the 2003 console reboot Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, with the hero (Gyllenhall) tasked with retrieving the Sands of time -an ancient relic that can control time itself...surprisingly.

I have a feeling it will have a similar tone to Transformers – huge explosions, stunning girls and great combat. It should be worth watching you want to turn your brain off.


I was excited about until it got put on hold due to budget concerns. It was going to be filmed on a green screen, think 300 but under the sea. It’s based around an underwater city called Rapture that a bunch of Scientists built to escape the aftermath of the Second World War.

They chose the best and the brightest to build the perfect society but things went a bit wrong. It was to be directed by Gore Verbinski of pirate Caribbean fame and written by John Logan who penned Gladiator and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. So it has potential and I really hope it gets made.


Peter Jackson and the Wheta workshop were working on this one. They got themselves a cult director from South Africa (Neil Blomkamp). They made some test footage that got the Internet very excited because Wheta had created a bunch of amazing props including a fully working Warthog, a type of army truck you can drive in the game.

However in 2007 the project got declared dead by Neil although Peter has said that the movie will be made. Neil and Peter have been working on another film - District 9.

It’s Sci-fi and you can see the potential of how good the Halo film could have been or may still be. Fast forward a few months and the Mighty Steven Spiel berg has been linked with the project as an executive producer...

The World Of Warcraft

Blizzard's unstoppable snow ball of a franchise has finally had a director linked with it. And in typical Blizzard style, they have the very best to turn their game in to a film - Mr Sam Raimi - The veteran of the Spiderman films and the Evil Dead series.

That is all we know so far but this is set to be a biggy, he has probably got the hardest task ever in film making history. He has to please 11 million internet geeks that will start an rampage if the film doesn't live up to expectations.