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I've been busy recently which makes a change. First off I've been doing some interviews and some other stuff for the lovely people over at the lostblog.com.

I here is the first 5 questions from the interview:
Q:  How long have you been watching Lost?
Since the beginning. I worked at Channel 4 when they bought the rights to the first series. I got told to watch it by a colleague because they thought I would absolutely love it..they were right. I got asked to do the Channel 4 Lost podcast on the back of the work I did on the Channel 4 Lost website and because I had seen the first season and the majority of the second. It seems that my Geeky status is a bit of a cheat!
Q: How did Lost get its polar bear claws into you? What about it got you hooked?
I was hooked after the second episode – We all thought it was a Jurassic Park clone after the first. You hear the noise of the smoke monster and it sounded a bit like a dinosaur which for some reason me and my friends had never been huge fans of (sorry Spielberg). But after the next was finished and there was no dinosaurs in sight, we watched the rest and bloody loved it.
Q: Favorite character?
Ben – Fantastic character and I have a feeling he still has some HUGE secrets left.
Q: Least favorite character?
I have a love hate relationship with Jack
Q: Favorite episode or season?
First episode of the second series. I waited a while to find out what was in the hatch and it was such a contrast to the living conditions and the stuff going on above ground that it blow my mind. I remember bigging it up to my friends at the time to the point where they were completely sick of it AND me.
you can read the rest here.

I also did laid down some Lost predicitons for them too, some are silly, some are more serious. Here is the first:
1. Sawyer is going to die
Get the rest here.

Also I am off to this tonight:

Iain is going to sneak me in because apparently I'm not famous enough to get on the guest list...the swines!

Here is a small exstract from their press release:
"The celebrated comedy theatre troupe have condensed all five seasons into a fast paced flight through the story of the Oceanic plane crash survivors. The world premiere is to be held in London on Thursday 28th January, performed for an intimate audience of competition winners. The production will also be filmed for internet broadcast as well as on the Sky Platform’s Anytime service."
 It sounds like it's going to be blast, I can't wait. But I'm probably more excited about this:

 You can read more about it here.

By the way I don't look like that anymore =)

Meet Matt Haydock...He does poetry

He also posts on this blog from time to time when he can be bothered.

Lost is Back for it's Final Series

My first Lost related post for a while. It seemed appropriate as things seem to be winding up for the start of the new series. The web is a-wash with blog posts, theories and teasers all waiting to inform, annoy and finally ruin your day with their show spoiling articles. Quite ironic really, me writing this as most of my friends ban me from saying anything about any show as I normally end up letting a bit too much information go. Like last night in the pub where I may have inadvertantly ruined the end of the "The Road" for a friend.

Hey guess what though? I just can't help myself. Check out the the image below.

(Via aint it cool and one of their eagle eyed users who recently visited Hawaii)

It might be a spoiler, but it also might not be...ok it’s a spoiler. Looks like the Hydra station doesn’t it? But knowing my track record of trying to predict these types of things it will be something completely different...like a picture of Jack or something. Ok maybe not a picture of Jack, Kate maybe? Infact I know what it is because it said on the Aint it cool post where I stole the image from. I was just trying to add some mystery where there isn't any. Bad form, I appologise. This is really turning in to a rubbish post, I appologse.

Anwyay, MORE SPOILERS! I hear you cry. Isn’t that what the internet is all about? Spoiling our favourite shows? You demand to know which actors will be returning?. How about pretty much every all of them. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! No surprise really as nothing seems to stay dead for long and that crazy guy in black seems to be able to make himself look like any – dead –body he wants to. To go in to a little bit more detail I will mention names. Boon, Michael, Libby and some others which I can’t remember because I was in the pub till late last nigt spoiling shows for people.

The Lost Initiative will be back of course. I know you either love or hate our childish banter. So if you hate us then go away please you smell of wee. However if you like us than keep an eye out on the horizon that is the SkyOne website, we will be making our triumphant return soon.

Right I’m off to watch the Lovely Bones in the work cinema - living the dream. lol


After a long feminine induced hiatus I'm back with mind crushing news!!!

As a big Spider-Man fan I'm not too devastated by the news the fourth film is canned for now, particularly after the pea soup of a movie they squirted out last time.

The good news!!!

According to the boffins over at aintitcool.com that now means Sam Raimi is going to do the Warcraft movie!!! I know I have a pant ripping erection too.

All we need now is Ted Raimi as a night elf and the man himself Bruce Campbell doing a cameo as some knuckle head hero and I'm in heaven.