Studio Ghibli is making games

Studio Ghibli, you may of heard of them. They are like the Japanese Disney. Although comparing them in that manner is like comparing Bladerunner to the Power Rangers (wow I definitely need to practice my analogies). Anyway to try and keep this short, lets just say that Ghibli films have a real message, don't talk down to kids and shock horror, can be a little bit scary. They make kids movies by the way although I use the term "kids" loosely. And they are from Japan...and Disney own the rights to distribute their films over here. Pretty confusing.

Anyway computer games are such an obvious thing for them to get into, I'm surprised that I'm surprised about it...if that makes sense. Anyway they have made a game with the people that make the Professor Layton games.

Anyway here is the trailer for it.

I think you will agree that it looks beautiful. Unfortunately I don't have a PS3 but I luckily know a long haired...oh wait he cut it all off. Luckily I know a short haired blogger who does. So I may be spending a weekends up north in the not too distance future.

By the way you may of noticed I can be a real geek at times. I try to deny it but it's something I can't escape it. Like today for example...right here in this blog post.

I-Spot Annoying Fanboys
It reminded me of this lovely I-Spot book I found on the E4 website...I think I'm pretty much every single one of these fans boys. Is there a prize for that? If not there bloody well should be.

Doctor Who?

I thought I would do a bloggy-blog about the only thing I seem to be watching at the moment, the mighty but rather thin and streaky Doctor Who. He has a bow tie now - they’re cool apparently. I’m pretty sure he has the same get-up as the guy from Bargin Hunt - not the cool ex-criminal - the other one from the Antiques Road Show that looks like he touches kids. Am I allowed to say that? Fuck it I’m going to say it!

Anyway I went in to this season as I did any other – thinking that it would be a rather camp and silly romp through time and space with little call to have every detail of any episode dissected. I thought wrong it seems. Apparently there is a hell of a lot going on this season, a hell of a lot of time stuff – which may sound silly but you would be surprised how little Doctor Who actually plays around with time.

“SPOILER ALERT” His big rule is that he can’t much around with his own time line. However, according to a blog I got sent via Mr Jody Smith he may be doing just that. Skip to the end: People reckon that he’s going to travel back in time changing all the mistakes he has made this season so he can save the universe and the planet.

I’m betting money on the fact that he will jump back to the time to the first time he meets Amy and changes it so he doesn’t....although that will probably ruin any further series that they are signed up for and they are...apparently. So I guess I really should have thought about that one before I wrote it...bugger.

Here is the link to that blog.

Wait....what the hell are we going to watch in September?!?

Lost is gone.

Heroes got cancelled, I know! Shocked saw that coming.

Yey Fringe is still awesome, but that's not enough to feed my TV beast.

Thank you Frank Darabont and AMC!!!

The Walking Dead is perhaps one the greatest comic book series around today, and definitely the greatest zombie one. If you haven't read it, go and do it now, that's not a suggestion.

It's got everything you want from zombies and then they add a bit more. Plus the truly great idea that if there is ever a zombie holocaust I'm heading to a prison, genius idea.

Now I am a little apprehensive about how this is going to pan out, it is TV and this is zombie holocaust, but this is Frank Darabont for Christ-sake, not to mention AMC are currently one of the best stations in the US for amazing TV. With Mad Men and Breaking Bad under their belt I've a feeling they're on for another winner, fingers crossed for September.

Add to that, the author Robert Kirkman seems to be pretty heavily involved and it all looks freaking sweet.

Here's a treat they've dropped on the OBLIGATORY BLOG, going to keep an eye on that one, looks like there's some real work going into the design and planning on this one: