E4's Soul Slapper Reaper Game...AMAZING

E4 have cleverly teamed up with the guys over at Weebl’s stuff to create this crazy game for Reaper (that show by Kevin Smith)

Soul Slapper

I’m in the business of web games and I have to say that this is something pretty cool. It’s a simple point and click shooter, but its special move is genius. You can send your own pictures in to E4 and they will actually put you in the game. I won't mention the music, I will let you discover its genius by yourself.

I’m going to send one in off me, Iain and Paul.

So if you fancy shooting a crazy laser at us then stay tuned.

High five E4 we are very impressed.

"Look at me shooting the demon, right in the face...he didn't even see em' coming. Coz I'm dead good at this!"


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