The Lost Initiative: Season 4 Episode 8

Was anyone else annoyed with the ending? It felt like it should have been a part of a longer episode.

I really didn't care that Carl got shot...I vaguely minded that Rousseau could be dead, but then I remembered you don't need to be alive to have a flash back episode. Episode 9 could even be a Rousseau centric episode. In fact I kinda know that it is.

It could have been ben that ordered the hit on the two fringe characters. Lots of people are also saying that if you pause the screen when you here the gunshot, you can see what appears to be the top of the head of the shooter. I don't think you can tell, but some people think that it could be either Walt or Michael.

Well we have just under a month to wait for the next show. I'm hoping Michael turns in to some kind of invincible super hero now. That would rock. If the place, time and method of your death is pre-determined then you cannot die up to that point in time. Thus, you are invincible. I hope Michael realises this and uses his powers for good, not for evil. You can film some amazing actions scenes, with guns jamming, things happening that pevent him from getting hurt...that would be genius.

Lost will return April 27, 2008.

So I guess the podcast will too.

Maia Sturn has a mobile phone

In a bizarre twist to this ARG, you can now gain access to Maia’s mobile phone. Some clues were left in this fax document you can access through the SearchNet...

Well, that was a pretty obvious clue. When you text the word “vapour echo” to 82252 you get sent this mobile website address:
(I think it only works on a mobile phone)

This takes you to what seems to be a mock up of Maia’s mobile phone (complete with interface), and now with a little help from the Unfiction forum’s further investigations I can bring you some photos off it.

(My phone is from the early 90’s so unfortunately I can’t see the site myself.)

These were actually on her Facebook Account, so I guess we can confirm that the two are officially part of the game. Anyway the first picture has 11-19 scribbled a wall. So naturally you enter it in to the SearchNet and you get a new video. It’s incredibly Surreal, as with the videos found in this manner. She’s in what looks to be Oxford Circus, in a crowd of shoppers that get keep on decreasing in number, until she’s on her own.

The jury is still out on what all this is promoting. I’m learning more towards some kind of TV program and I’m going to hazard a guess that its SCI-FI related…ha ha.

As its starting to go cross platform it’s becoming less and less likely that this is a small time player.

I guess it isn’t Lost then, I might as well follow it to then end anyway.

Emergency SubNet: Week 2

Let me first tell you about last week first.

Well, we had another video and some more blog posts last week. They seem to be uploading a new piece of everyday, except on the weekends where they seem to. That could mean that it is a 9 to 5 company that is probably doing this.

The site seems to be counting down. The files in the public net have extensions that seem to point to this theory. Also the content of the videos and the blog post also seem to be confirming this.

Hidden in what they are calling the search net are loads and loads of flash movies and PDF files and images. It seems that hidden in these documents are letters which when combined together (hangman style) makes a word. There seems to be a never ending supply of these, which could be added weekly...or daily...or even hourly.

Anyway when you type the hangman-like word in to the SearchNet you gain access to a really crazy video:

(By the way the word to access this video is Conquer)

It’s a mixture of CGI, film footage and photography. This leads to think that this could be supporting a computer game rather then Lost. It’s very UK centric so it would have to be UK based game. It reminds me a lot of 28 days later, but without the Zombies. It seems something has happened to Great Britain to make it no so great anymore. So maybe is some kind of point and click adventure game. However Sam and Max is the only game that is having any success in that genre at the moment so it’s bit unlikely.

There is one clue. Some of the file extensions have “SE9A” in them. Could this be a new Sega game? Doubt it; they aren’t that inventive (let’s hope Uk Resistance didn’t here me say that).

Finally I’ve finally worked out what the % bar in the top right hand corner is. When it reaches 0 you basically get chucked off the site. You must only get a certain amount of time on the site, which is both cool and a bit fucking annoying. I’m leaning more towards the cool at the moment.

If you want to follow the progress then check out this thread on this ARG forum, they all seem to know what they are on about:

The Unfiction Forum

And this is where I get most of this post from.

New JJ Abrams TV Project: Fringe

I got served. With my third (more like seventh or eighth) final warning from Geeky Tom that my membership or privileges or whatever you want to call it to the Wyvern Hawk were about to be withdrawn unless I got my ass in gear and damn well posted something. Which is fair enough really - it's been weeks and weeks. So apologies - work and life got in the way I'm afraid. Not that I expect Geeky Tom to wrap his noggin around that one.

So - what have I to say that's potentially of interest to anyone? Just this...I only managed to obtain the script to the BRAND SPANKING NEW JJ ABRAMS SCI-FI PROJECT!!! And I do not use caps or exclamation marks lightly, so it is a mark of how enamoured I am that I have done so. Unless something catastrophic takes place, I think this is going to be an awesome pilot, full of intriguing twists and turns, shady government cover ups, inexplicable goings on and lashings of gore. Allow me to expand - no spoilers I promise, and I won't go into too much detail.

The feature length pilot opens on board a turbulent plane flying from Germany to the US - the general sense of unease swiftly descends to terror as one of the passengers injects himself with a syringe and shortly after, begins to literally melt, his entire body liquifying. This horrifying condition rapidly spreads throughout the rest of the plane, as both passengers and crew members also start melting away. As the plane flies on auto pilot in the middle of a bad storm, we move to a cheap motel where two FBI agents - Olivia Warren and John Scott - are in the middle of an illicit tryst. They are called to the airport, arriving separately to find a swarm of agents and personnel from various government agencies and the airplane, its windows obscured with blood. Olivia boards the plane for a closer look, and is met with the horrific sight of unidentifiable melted bone and blood.

(The only picture of Fringe I could find on Google)

As the story unfolds, John is involved in an explosion during the course of the investigations - needless to say, the public are unaware of the nature of the incident - and exposed to a chemical which renders his body into a hardened, clarified state - as if he were made of glass. As she frantically searches for a cure, Olivia is compelled to join forces with a brilliant but unhinged scientist whose work in the Seventies explored "fringe science" - paranormal phenomena which cannot be explained by conventional science - and his son, and comes to realise this is but one of many inexplicable incidents that have occurred across the world. The key to them may lie behind the highly closed doors of a huge, cutting edge corporation called Prometheus, whose disciplines seem to cover just about everything...

Penned by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, both ALIAS alumni who have most recently co-written the TRANSFORMERS and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE III films, FRINGE has Abrams' stamp all over it - from the jaw dropping plane incident opener, to the supernatural phenomena and conspiracy theories, all encapsulated in plenty of of high octane action. Rumoured to have a budget in the region of $10million, the pilot script for this 13 part series is complex, ambitious, intelligent and, above all, hugely entertaining. This was a thrilling read and I'm really looking forward to seeing it brought to life (especially since hearing that Joshua Jackson is attached to the project!). Huzzah!

The Lost Initiative: Season 4 Episode 7

I found this week’s episode a bit boring. I have never been a fan of Jin and Sun. I guessed the twist 20 minutes in to the show so I wasn’t as surprised as I could have been when the final scene was revealed. The podcast had a load of mistakes in it as well; I think we call Matthew Abbadon, Micheal Abbadon at one point which is pretty bad. Everyone has there off days I guess, but I bet we have pissed off the die hard fans with our school boy errors. They don’t really have a lot of time for people that make these kinds of mistakes. I think we also mucked up the date on the gravestone which I bet people won’t be happy about; apparently it wasn't the date of Jin's death, it was the date of his and Sun's birth. Well you can’t win em’ all, plenty more fish in the sea, what’s done in done..ok I will stop now.

Anyway Michael making his long awaited appearance was a great moment. It saved the episode in my view. If you watch the episode again apparently you can seem him standing with the other crew members with his hood up, hiding from Sayid and Dezy when the crazy lady throws herself off the boat.

Jesus, the crazy lady. What the hell is going on there? Is she unstuck in time without a constant? Or is there another side affect from being near the island that we are yet to find out about.

Next week is the last episode for about a month so we will all have to wait for the last 5 episodes. Dam the writers strike...wait a minute, I can’t stay mad at those guys...they write such good TV. On a final note, bring back the sliding trombone noise when the show cuts to breaks. It made the show in my humble opinion.

The Lost Initiative: Season 4 Episode 6

He’s a little secret from last week’s episode.

Badger, the caller who phoned and was completely rubbish is one of my friends. He has been wanting to get on the podcast for a while and he finally managed it. Its a pity he didn’t have much to say for himself, except for the word perhaps...over and over again.

Last weeks episode was a good one in terms of theories. We were actually making sense which makes a change.

Ben and Jim Robinson having previously worked together was a cracker of a theory. Ben might of even gassed Jim's parents who could have been part of Dharma. That could be why Jim is so determined to kill Ben and find the island and his parents grave.

I also liked the idea that Daniel has been time travelling and had to remember the code to deactivate the gas. It could mean that they find the time machine later on and use it to make what’s happened so far in season 4 come to pass.

Or I could be talking a load of complete bollocks which is probably more likely.


Most people say that the Ang Lee Hulk movie sucked, I disagree. Most people say the upcoming "remake" starring Ed Norton is proof of this fact, I disagree.

What people don't understand, and what the movie world don't understand is that comics are a ubiquitous medium. With each new writer and artist we see a new dimension of each character, the focuses change and this makes for a really interesting experience.

Ang Lee's film focused on Bruce Banners issues with his father on level which did not involve appropriate "Hulk Smash", I for one appreciated the psychological approach. I did not however appreciate the obvious studio interference in the fact that whenever Hulk smashed we ALWAYS had to be informed that no one was hurt, losers.

So now we have new writers, a new artist, new Banner, and damn does Norton look good (Avengers movie will be so sweet). But most of all we have new trailer, with an enemy Hulk can go toe-to-toe with, and in a city! Lets just hope someone gets seriously hurt.


The Emergency SubNet has taken over!

Well the counter got down to 0 on Monday, the world didn't end. No references to Lost have been made and it seems we have an new ARG on our hands.

The counter now points here:

As soon as you click the URL you get this creepy video of a girl, talking about how everything has gone wrong and how she misses her mother; super crazy stuff. The next screen you see is this:

It seems to be some kind of back-up system for when the Internet goes down. It's looks pretty British, probably because the web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee...a British guy. I don't think anyone has asked if this is his handy work yet. I'm probably way off here like normal.

The site is split in to 3 sections. There is the CommNet which you can't access. The PublicNet where you can find the video you watched at the beginning and what seems to be blog posts, probably made by that rather creepy lady.

The last section is called the SearchNet, where you can do exactly that. Some people have been entering lots of different words and coming up with some crazy things:

This blog has been keeping up with the Drama, so I recommend making a visit as she is doing a great job logging all the stuff that happens.

The strangest thing about this site is that people in the US can't see the site. I'm not sure if this is part of the ARG. I have a feeling it could be, as there seems to be lots of clues pointing to the theory that the US has made some kind of aggressive move on the UK. This has annoyed all the Americans that were hoping to look at the site. If it is an ARG to support some kind of Film or TV program it must be a UK based show, why block off half the world if it isn't. Unless you are at war with half the world. Maybe its the second coming of the British Empire!!! GOD SAVE OUR...etc

Is this a new Lost ARG and who the feck is Maia Sturn

I totally missed the new Lost ARG. You know the one about finding flight 815. But I came across this thread on one of my strolls around the web (well lost forums).
Random Lost Forum

Basically there's a banner on this random site, which has a countdown timer in it. When you mouse over it, a video appears with a rather upset girl who reaches to switch off the camera. The words Maia Sturn, Subspot and DPS-4 039 appear too. Apparently DPS-4 039 is some place in Alaska...hmmm and its to do electromagnetism...hmmmmmmmmmmm

(By the way every time I go hmmmmmmm, I'm stroking my beard)

Heres a link to the banner

Here are some pictures if you can't be bothered to click the link (you're pretty lazy if you can't).

Pretty freaky.

I Googled Maia Sturn and it seems like this guy has found all this too, so I'm not the first...dam. He thinks its a viral marketing campaign, which of course it blatently is.

Random Blog post

Oh, and she's got a Facebook

Someone seems to be putting hints about what's coming in different places, like the video with the time travelling rabbit on YouTube that I keep linking to, that ARG and now this. The girl in the banner looks a lot like Alex, the people in the blog think it's Rousseau but I'm sure that it isn't.

Anyway, apparently the banner linked to, and on the 29th Feb there's was this random blog post. Which talks about this Maia catching a plane....hmmm plane, sounds familiar doesn't it.

Could Maia be new character they are planting on the island? Have they decided to add bit more background to her before just plonking her on the island. Maybe another plane crashes?

Anyway make up your own mind, I've got better things to do.


Look I put the countdown on the page...

Thats the way I roll!

American Spaced: Land of the free, home of the stolen idea.

Now I have to admit, this is kind of old news. I heard about this torrid piece of crap idea ages ago and thought not on your nelly. American Spaced.

Yup, one of the greatest TV series to ever come from this blessed isle, that shot what is now some of our greatest talent into the big time. Without Spaced we would not have Shaun of the Dead, nor Hot Fuzz. Well now the Americans want it, and they didn't ask.

The reason I thought nothing of this story at the time was for the simple reason that no one from Spaced had any idea about, right down to Edgar Wright posting a wtf! in response.

Well now the American studios being the ignorant, greed blinded sycophants that they are have decided to just go ahead any way and make this festering pustule. It also seems they're not even interested in any involvement from the shows originators at all, because of course that would endanger their torturous aberrant abortion that they will label "top class fun", "a delightful wheeze" or some other such marketing toss-wank.

AND worst of all its freaking McG at the helm. DAMN IT! I need to lay down. It ain't all bad though because at least we get to read the response from the Spaced lot.


Lost Season 4 Episode 6: Sneak Peak

Blah blah blah Lost, Blah blah...

Too tired to make a funny post, if you fancy jumping the gun and seeing a couple of clips of this weeks episode then check out the video below.

Has the disappearing bird been sent back in time by Ben?, is Ben from the future? That would mean that he would be able to play the situation hes in like a pro...pretty much the way he is doing now. Hmmm, he wants them both to go to that new bunker, and the Swan wasn't the source of power on the island...interesting Mr Bond.

The Lost Initiative: Season 4 Episode 5

Doesn’t Jak sound like he’s 12 years old, apparently he’s 16 but I have a feeling he could be lying.

Anyway Lee’s quarantine idea makes sense, I’m gutted I didn’t spot it before.

I have seen complaints that I have shit theories so here ya go, he’s one that I have been thinking about for a while.

The hatch is a place for people that have had their mind transported through time to recover. Having to remember the numbers over and over again is a form of recovery. It would also mean that you would have to wear a suit and take those injections to stop the mind travel happening. It explains the sickness and also the Orchid, where the time travel experiments seem to be taking place ( I’m willing to bet that we see more of the Orchid this season)

Check this out, talking about all this time travel reminded me of this…

Mmmmh interesting huh, Einstein removed Hitler and that just made room for the Russia to start WW2. So changing history can be dangerous.

Anyway back to the theory.

Hanso was saving the world by going back in time and tweaking history so the Human race doesn’t destroy it self. However there was a side effect, the black smoke.
Jacob has been Mind travelling since he arrived on the Black Rock and has been put in some kind of limbo by all the electromagnetism there. Hence why he asks Locke to help him.

Ben is currently in charge of the Islands time travel technology. He is using it for his own means… I’m not sure what they are yet. Probably, something to do with setting up a community on the island that will live for ever (due to the islands properties)

There is also a huge magnetic field around the island created by the black rocks that are dotted around the island. This effects women giving birth, it also helps with healing (apparently).

Anyway it was a fantastic episode which I hope they build on. What I would hate is if this is the last time they mention it for 10 episodes.