Utterly Lost with Iain Lee

Lee has done a lost catch-up with our friends over at Koink; the guys that produce the podcast. He's looking very much like Jeremy Clarkson with the jeans and Jacket combo...

Note to self:
Must remember to give him a hard time about that.

Once more into the fray...

Well hello there, it's good to be back. Much much later down the line than anticipated, but there you go. I'd like to say Geeky Tom begged me to return to the blogosphere but that's a lie - he emailed me much the way he did Crabs, and I came a-running. Now I have to think of some good shit to write about, or there's little point me being here. So, to ease me into my first post, here's some of the stuff I've liked rather a lot in the last few weeks:

1. Work in progress from my all time favourite comedian, the scruffy, sublimely
observant Daniel Kitson - comedy with real heart - I saw him at the Hob pub in
Forest Hill, where he's still doing Sunday night shows - check his website for more details.

2. Offbeat indie comedy type film Juno, with my new sarcastic young actress of choice Ellen Page. It also stars the quite frankly adorable Michael Cera - he of Superbad fame - and is smart and cool. Go see it and be amused and maybe even a little moved.

3. Patrick Marber play Dealer's Choice at the Trafalgar Studios. Very snappy, very funny and you don't need to know a thing about poker to enjoy the ride.

4. Although three is clearly a better number for a list of items, I thought I'd mention a few of the telly bits I'm digging right now. Damages -US drama going out on BBC1 at the moment is a superbly tense drama. Ted Danson is scarily good as ruthless, egocentric businessman. Breaking Bad - brand new US drama (not yet picked up in the UK) about a 50-year old chemistry teacher who finds out he has a terminal illness and hooks up with a former student to start producing crystal meth. Sounds hokey, but very well executed. Lastly - as if this needs bigging up - Ashes to Ashes, the Life on Mars spinoff starting next week, is a treat. Philip Glenister as Det. Insp. Hunt is a riot and it's sort of Miami Vice meets Twin Peaks, if that tickles your fancy. And quite frankly, why wouldn't it?

That's all I have for now - going to see the Neil LaBute double bill at the Bush Theatre tomorrow night, so some thoughts on that after the weekend.

If you write it, they will come.

So I got an email from Tom. It read simply:

Let’s get the blog going again...


Obviously Tom's verbose email spurred me into action and so after a long absence I return to chronicling my errant thoughts. But were to start?

Well 2008 is looking like an awesome year for movies, at the moment I can't even remember how many films there right now that I want to see. For a start Friday is Cloverfield and well...oh my god.

So I thought how best to express my excitement than sharing some choice trailers. Check out these links and I aim to elucidate on them in the coming weeks.

The Forbidden Kingdom
The Signal

There's two left.

Firstly what looks like a work of pure B movie genius, world cinema at its best, what I love most about this trailer is it tells you what your going to get. The genius is that its what you always wanted, you just never knew to ask. This is The Machine Girl, and it rocks.

And finally we have something which makes me tingle, makes the geek in me cry with joy, I didn't realize how much I wanted to see this film till I saw this trailer. Plus it only right I include this here as Tom is JJ Abrams butt-boy.

It is of course Star Trek.

Live Long and Prosper.

Lost is back and so is the Wyvern Hawk

So lost starts again this week...

Along with Skyones podcast where I will be once again making a complete tit of myself for the benefit of the all the lost fans out there. I honestly can’t remember anything about lost which isn’t a good thing when are you are expected to talk about it for an hour with a jumbo microphone shoved in your face. So the first episode could be interesting.

I've been told to watch this so hopefully I will be up to speed for the podcast.

Anyway I'm going to try and keep a running commentary of how well it's going and if I still like Lost; which I'm sure I still do...probably. I've also spruced up the blog and got another of my mates to join so we are all set for 2008...I hope.

"Some will be saved"

What? Jack and Kate...its not really a big secret...