FEZ and other independent games

Gaming innovation doesn’t really come along that often but when it does its one of those things that I think has to be savoured. I also think that it’s the responsibility of the people in the know to spread the word about these gems, be it word of mouth or via a blog post.

So meet Pez. Don’t let the first minute of this trailer fool you; it fooled me. I thought this was just a clip from an old Snes game. Oh boy was I wrong.

Take a look:

(It's basically Paper Mario on crack)

From what I can gather the game will be launched on the Xbox live Arcade where hopefully this independent developer will receive some of the much earned profits. Apparently this game was built using XNA software. According to microsoft its “a powerful next-generation software development platform. XNA empowers developers to deliver breakthrough games while combating rising production costs and ever-increasing hardware complexity”

Hopefully this means a whole new generation of independent games companies will be able to sell their wares to a wider audience. Much like the internet did for up and coming rock bands...the next few years could be the start of a influx of new independent games.

Here are some others that I know about and are worth checking out:

Crayon Physics


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