Amnesia: The Dark Decent - To Scared to Play

Hello, it seems to be a new year. Great I suppose. I have a cold and a headache. I have run out of things to buy to make me feel better, I'm bored of all the food that normally cheers me up; like cheese and anchovies.

So I have been playing a game instead to try and brighten the mood (I do this sometimes).

Amnesia: The Dark Decent. An indie game that has received some rather good reviews.

It's a first person horror game. You have no guns, no bombs, no swords and no fists...wait you have fists but you're not allowed to swing them in anger. Your only chance of survival is to run, run far far away and hide in a cupboard somewhere. No joke, I have only discovered one type of ghoulish monster so far, he has floppy skin and a scary moan. when I first encountered him, I ran and hid in a cupboard (It's bloody good strategy as it turns out, one that I might apply in the real world when things get tough).

There is a story. It's inspired by some guy called Lovecraft or something - I have never heard of him. You probably have, your probably thinking how come this guy has never heard of H.P Lovecraft, the philistine.

Anyway you need to travel through this castle to the secret chamber...hmmm I think that's right. It's a tough journey only because of the fact that the game is FAR too scary to play for more than an hour. There are tons of creepy sound effects, screams, bugs that crawl over your face as slowly drift in to madness. That's one of the main game-mechanics; trying not to go mad - cool huh? It's dark, horrible and I'm determined to finish it.

Tonight I'm going to attack it with a bottle of vodka, hopefully I will be able to pluck up the courage to delve deeper.

If you don't here from me for a while I could be in therapy, or slumped at my keyboard.