Answers are coming, and probably sooner than you think.

Ain't sure if the Geek himself has already communed with this particular grapevine as of yet but thought I would slap it up here before he does for just a brief momentary feeling of beating the little weasel at his own game.

You may of heard the writers strike has ended, hoorah. Mad props to those guys for sticking it out (did I just say that?). This means all those shows we love are going to be back in business. I had been unsure as to the effect the strike had on Lost, so here it is.

The oh so annoying and smug ad campaign - "Answers are Coming" - is going to come true much quicker than originally thought. When the season started airing they had 8 eps in the bag, Carlton Cuse exec producer and show co-runner has announced that they will produce a further 5 eps to complete the fourth season.

Thats 13 episodes for those mathematically impaired. This could be the first Lost season were there isn't a completely redundant episode that makes me want to puke my balls up in frustration.



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