The Lost Initiative: Season 4 Episode 3

Crazy melted my brain. On a side note I made it in on time this week.

We had some rather interesting callers this week.

*** I know some people hate spoilers and I know one of the callers talks about the episode 8 and reveals who its about. So stop around 11.00 and forward to 13.00 if your that bothered, ***

The first guy’s Michael theory is a great thought. There is alot of evidence in previous episodes to back it up so I’m acctually going to bet money on this happening. It’s a bit of a spoiler that I’m sure the die hard fans will complain about which is fair enough. If Michael is the man on the boat then it means Walt must be there too. I’m not sure if there is any proof that Walt is coming back this series in his more physical form though.

Anyway heres a link to the mobile cast he spoke of:

The other guys and Ian’s pole reversal idea was good. We all know theres something magnetic going on. We know there is a station at one of the poles so you don’t have to take a giant leap in imagniation for this to be relevant.

Here is a cool little animation of the pole reversing over 1000 years...not 100 ahahaha.

Click here for the pole reversal thingy

Last but by no means least. Here is something we had a joke about while we were watching the show.

Good shot (Real life footage):

Bad shot (Studio footage):



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