A first visit to the Black Temple

I've been playing this game for a while and I think I'm getting closed to finishing it...

The Black Temple is the last Dungeon in the Blizzards The Burning Crusade, and is the culmination of a year playing this game. You see, the problem with me and games is that once I have started them, I'm utterly compelled to complete them...and I let little stand in my way. Especially when I can brag to my friends and say things like "Something like 10% of the 10,000,000 subscribers get to see this place..."

Of course this doesn't justify playing it really... I do feel incredibly nerdy when I do play it, but the nerd factor, weighed against the my need to complete games has really only had one winner - the need is far to strong.

This rant has made my sounds more of a geek then you probably thought I was - maybe not, but I thought I was say it has I'm going to try and cover more of the most popular online game the world has ever seen.

So I was talking about the Black Temple...

Yup, this at the present time is the pinnacle of this game. All the story's you have been apart of finish in this place... you are up against one of the biggest characters in the world of Lawcraft and his home really doesn't disappoint.

You and 25 other friends take the role of an invading force. You enter at the bottom through a crack in the wall and slowly make your way higher in the temple. And as you getter higher the music becomes more epic - Lord of the rings Epic.

Your goal is a half demon half elf fallen hero called Iilidan. Hes a nasty piece of work and to add to your problems hes as mad as a hatter. There are load of his mates till kill before you get to him so its not an easy task to put in mildly.

My role is to heal people, its gets affectionately called "wac-a-mole" as I have to time my heals to stop people reaching zero health.

I get to look at these bars all day:

Then I get to press these buttons...in the right order so people don't die:

The problem is that people don't make my life easy, especially against bosses that look like this:

Oh, by the way this is me...hello

I will stop playing soon, definitely very soon. Well...there is a new expansion pack coming out. I might stop at the end of that. You can't do things half arsed, you have to see them through to the end. I need to complete it, all of it. I must appease the gaming need.


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