Meteor Strike and Alien Squid Monster Caught On Camara

Sometimes you don't have to watch a Sci-Fi show to see catch some stella special effects. Sometimes the natural world provides excellent entertainment all by it's self.

IMAGINE THAT, check this shit out.

Whats this I hear you cry?

That's right, it's an alien squid monster caught on one of those underwater drilling camara thingys.

Storm Trooper Hoodie By Marc Ecko

Here's something a bit strange, a bit useless and a bit Star Wars. Some clothes companies have managed to pull off the cool Star Wars apparel trick. However I don't think Marc Ecko has quite managed it. Some people will probably wazz all over it and fork out the rather step $98 dollars...not me though. I don't fancy looking like a Halloween reject and a Sci-Fi nerd all rolled in to one.

Star Wars Real Storm Trooper Hoodie By Marc Ecko


It's crazy times we live in.

Terminator Salvation Poster

Arrgh, I know I shouldn’t be looking forward to this film but I can’t help myself, It looks good...well the subject matter looks good. I love the Terminator films, well the first and the second ones anyway. I think I just have a fascination for end of the world scenarios.

Anyway I thought that this online poster was pretty nifty. I've never seen flash used like this and I guess it goes to show what a versatile thing it really is.

Lost Season 5 Footage Set To Crap Music

Here’s a promo trailer for the latest season of Lost. It shows off some nice new footage but I am a bit confused about the slit your wrists soundtrack that drones on in the background. The show has such a great original score that it's such a shame not to use it. You may disagree, but on a more positive note. Watch out for the first person shooter view at 1:38, now this I approve of.

Lost Season 5 Poster

Hey look! It's a poster for season 5 of Lost.

My thoughts on EA's Mirror Edge

I managed to play the Demo of this game over the weekend. It was the PS3 version and it really did grab my attention.

Here's a screen shot:

Here's the trailer:

Here is a link to a 2D Flash version of the game

And here is me telling you that it's fucking great.

Its based on the whole free running phenomenon and I think it does a great job of putting you in the shoes of one of those nutters. Of course it has a Manga style plot to lead you through the game but thats a positive thing not a negative.

As you can see it uses a first person view for a game that is essentially a platform game. It should feel completely wrong, but do you know what? It feels so incredibly right. For the first time ever I did the whole body movement thing while I was controlling the very attractive young Asian lady as she hurtled across the roof tops. You know the thing, the thing your mum or your sister does when you give them a go on a Mario game. They seem to make these weird body movements in the direction they want their character to move. I have always thought that it was a sign of you being completely absorbed in a game.

Anyway I will be purchasing this little beauty when it's out and I recommend you do to if you like this sort of thing.

Geeky Tom Lost Update

I still like to talk about Lost from time to time so...

It's back on air in the US for a 2-hour season premiere in Jan. 21 at 9 p.m, which means that we should get it a few days later.

Also, Michelle Dessler from 24 (another one of my favorite shows) has joined the cast:

Aylesworth will play Amy, a smart and successful professional woman with a love for the outdoors who is looking for the right man.

It looking set to be another great season, just what happened to Locke? How did he die? It has thankfully come round really quickly and I'm just about ready to have my find blown for a 6th time...

Sony push UGC in gaming with LittleBigPlanet

Found this great article about LittleBigPlanet on Giant Bomb today. Basically, it points out what I've been wondering for ages. How are Sony going to police the UGC content in the game? Are they even going to police it?

Given that some of the coolest levels in LittleBigPlanet are based on classic games, most of which appear originally on other platforms to Sony Playstation, what's going to happen? I suspect, as do Giant Bomb, that the lawyers will be tearing all these brilliant levels down soon.


In these dismal days of retrenchment and redundancy I've finally spotted a gap in the market of Hot New Web Ideas that's bound to make me millions - LinkedOut.

It's so simple it's not even true. I'm now in my third round of redundancies (which isn't I hasten to add a reflection on otherwise excellent work record), and two things always bothered me: 1) How come it's always Editorial that gets cut? and 2) How do those fucking twats who manage to steer the successive departments and Channels I've worked for onto the rocks, not only keep their jobs but get large pay rises? HOW?

It seems to me we need to start whistleblowing on these fat-headed idiots and what better way than to set up a parallel service to LinkedIn, revealling the truth behind their CV lies?

So let's start a list of idiots revealling who the managerial dross currently cluttering up the world are, and warning potential employees and staff about the dead weights lurking on Monster. I'll go first:

< linky removed to stop Geeky Tom crying about the lawyers >This man is the kiss of death </happy tom?>, and during his time 'strategising' he managed not only to close a whole channel twice, he proved his 'down with the kids' credentials by banging on about hot new band 'Coldfeet', and combined making us all redundant with buying a £500K house using the office fax machine. At our leaving party he then allowed us all one free drink each, which we had to get using a special token. Almost eight years later I'm still enraged by his conduct.

Start sending in your nominations and let's get this baby live!