The Lost Initiative Season 4 Episode 2

I turned up late again, maybe because I was enjoying the weather too much...

I this was a much better episode, I think we were all in agreement. We seemed more in to it when we were watching and we seemed alot more up for a chat when we walked down to the studio, and it turned out to be one of our better episodes...Lee had a cold but he was been very professional and coughing away from the mic.

We also had our first international caller...I think.

He wasn’t lying about this Vile Vortices theory, it actually exists. I did a bit of investigation afterwards on wikipedia after the podcast.

So here we go; by controlling these portals you can travel between them, there are twelve of these portals depicted in this map I got off Wikipedia.

Is this an experiment using them?

Here’s a direct extract from Wikipedia because I’m too lazy to type it out.

“In 1973, a Soviet science magazine published a more detailed version of the theory (Hitching, 1978). Three scientists, Nikolai Goncharov, Vyacheslav Morochov and Valery Makarov, in the article "Is the Earth a large Crystal?" in Khimya i Zhizn, posited "a matrix of cosmic energy" covering the Earth, made up of twelve pentagonal plates. The junctions of any three of these plates (62 junctions in all) had, they claimed, strange properties. For instance, several were sites of advanced prehistoric cultures, such as at Mohenjo-Daro, Egypt and Peru; and some areas had much unique wildlife, for example at Lake Baikal.”

I have to say that this makes a lot of sense. There’s a portal in Antarctica where the crazy Russian station was, and there’s one in Africa where they found the bear bones. Maybe we have discovered one of Lost’s big secrets.

Now on to the whispers...

I have been listening to that part and to be very honest I couldn’t hear a single thing that the guys where discussing; it just sounded like a load of people making up sounds. I have a feeling that it’s probably just the producers and the sound guys mucking around with us and as usual we all fall hook line and sinker for it.

and finally I have a message for you ANDREWS!


Have a listen here...

The Lost Initiative Season 4 Episode 2

We've got another random comment on itunes from those Lostcast people...they really don't like us. Shame.


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