Beautiful Katamari / Evil Katamari

I decided to play that strange little game that goes by the name of Katamari Damacy for the first time over the weekend.

What a beautifully crafted and addictive game….BUT…there is something going on under the surface of this game that needs investigating.

Can no one see where I am going with this, has no one else seen the evil that is afoot.

For Christ sake, you play a little goblin man with a tampon for a head who wears a hideous day glow 80’s tracksuit, and you aim is to roll up the world in to a big ball and launch it in to space.

Jack Bauer wouldn’t stand for it that’s for sure; these little goblins are a threat against our national security….no our GOLBAL security.

These goblins start off their rolling ball thingy and it’s tiny. They would be hardly noticed in our busy world as people go about their daily business. But soon it’s big enough to envelope cars, then cities and then whole continents….by then it’s far too late. You will bare witness to destruction on a global scale, the UN wouldn’t stand a chance, the Red Cross would be brought to its knees and the human race would be wiped out.

All this done at the hands of 80’s day glow goblins. This may seem like the ramblings of a mad man, but there is video evidence for these global terrorists below,

Any way if you would like to play evil incarnate in a tracksuit, you can soon on the Xbox 360. All purchases of this game will be monitored! me, probably using Facebook some how.

Monkey Island 5

There are rumours spreading around the web that the fools at Lucasarts are in the stages of planning a non Starwars game!

Read the rumour here!

I know, it completely shocked me too. I can just imagine conversations that when down in the Lucasarts board room to start this rumour:

"so....we need a new game"
"We could do another starwars game?"
"I think we have pretty much done every starwars game conceivable"
"Yeah, I think your right"
"Hey, Aren't Pirates the in thing at the moment!"
"Yeah your right, we should do a Pirate Pirates of the Caribbean"
"Hey wait? Don't we own the rights to some kind of incredibly popular piratey game?"
"...Star Pirates?, Pirate Wars?"

That's right Monkey Island 5 is in the planning stages....

To be honest this confirms nothing, but it did prompt the Steve Purcell to send in some sneaky artwork to a few Monkey Island fansites!

Completely unrelated?
I don't bloody think so!


After some more investigation it turns out that these images are in fact from a old project that was going to bring Monkey Island to the big screen. I guess Steve was just pulling our bloody peg leg, or maybe we were letting our excitement get the better of us. Its seems that Lucasarts are content with scratching together a living on their horrible junk heap of overdone franchises, cobbling together games from old bits of discarded Starwars.


Photosynth demo

If only all talks were like this. Here Blaise Aguera y Arcas of Microsoft shows off Photosynth at this year's TED talks. Powered by Seadragon technology, it's a whole new way of viewing photos on your computer. His talk explains everything far better than I ever could, so watch on.

The potential for viewing photos in 3D space looks awesome. I have to admit that it was the ability to bury advertising within pages that got me most excited. The thought of no more annoying ads on pages would be joy indeed. Sad, I know.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the patriots

Some stories can't be told in words, some legends are meant to die.......

Wow, look at snakes face, loot at it...he's bloody old but he still looks like he could kick your arse. Either that or theres a squirrel biting his balls!

Each and every Metal Gear installment has always just blown me away. The story, the game play.....they are just impeccable.

I can't describe to you how excited I am about what looks to be the last Metal Gear in this current story line, Metal Gear 4: Guns of the patriots.

Watch this 14 Minute trailer and wait for the last battle around 11min 23secs. If any game was meant for cinema then this is it.

I just want to set the world on fire!

I am great big fan of teaser trailers. Especially ones about the end of the world. I know nothing about Fallout 3, though to be honest this trailer is all I need to know. Actually, I lie. I do know that its made by Bethesda who have made some of my favourite games of all time....anyway watch the future of mankind below.

Thundercats movie, ho!

The chances of a Thundercats movie appearing on our screens in the next few years look pretty likely after Warner Brothers optioned a script based on the TV show we all used to watch as kids. Forgotten about Lion-O, Panthro and Cheetara? Let this refresh your childhood memories.

This is all good news for the rubbish band Mumm-Ra, as it's sure to mean they hand onto their record deal for a few years longer at least. Surely, a Mumm-Ra soundtrack to the Thundercats movies is a total must now.


Somebody just forwarded this rather excellent video to me. This dude has a real knowledge of drug movies.

Apparently, there are 40 different movies in the clip. Can you spot them all?

Take aim at a shroud of lies

That's what Capcom want us to do with our Wiimotes when Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is released on the Wii. Here's a look at the Japanese trailer.

Having been a big fan of the Resident Evil arcade shooter, I'm looking forward to this. Although, the thought of Resident Evil 5 is what's really infected my blood with enthusiasm. I fear Umbrella Chronicles will meerly end up a being a nice little distraction before the real deal turns up in 2008.