Potter, Portal 2, CityVille, Game of Thrones and Fringe

Hi Hi Hi, Hi there. Long time no see. whatcha' been up to and that? interesting, interesting. RIGHT, enough about you let's talk about me.

I have been busy. No time for blogs. I'm currently helping final Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It's been a really interesting process - I have learnt LOADS by the way which is nice and rather useful. Hey look, here is the trailer:

I have played/completed it so many times now that I reckon I am probably the best in the world at it...serious, super serious!


Portal 2, blah blah blah, Stephen Merchant is in it, blah blah blah amazing game mind bending puzzles, blah blah blah best game ever made. Blah blah blah trailer:

Starting playing CityVille on FaceBook for my sins. I sometimes imagine sitting in a dark room doing crack...no idea why that popped in my head. Anyway I would like to say don't play it. It's addicitve, expensive and leaves you with an empty hollow feeling inside that can only been filled with...guess what...MORE CITYVILLE. Excuse me while I check myself in to rehab.

Remember when I used to talk about TV? HA!. Well here goes:

Game of Thrones, high-fantasy with Sean Bean. The intro looks like a computer game.

It's a good watch, mega production values. All the main characters wear dirty cloaks with fur-lined hoods, and all the birds get their boobs out. It's worth a watch. Conan meets Camelot. Hey that's pretty good...NO ONE STEAL THAT ITS MINE!

And finally Fringe!

Tis good, very good. It's almost over though. If Lost was a show about religion then Fringe is most definitely about science - Man of science, man of faith...remember that geeks?


By the way, if your reading this GREG, SASHA or anyone else that used to post here. START POSTING AGAIN YOU LOSERS. Also let me know if I have spelt anything wrong. Also grammer, I have issues with grammer.

Amnesia: The Dark Decent - To Scared to Play

Hello, it seems to be a new year. Great I suppose. I have a cold and a headache. I have run out of things to buy to make me feel better, I'm bored of all the food that normally cheers me up; like cheese and anchovies.

So I have been playing a game instead to try and brighten the mood (I do this sometimes).

Amnesia: The Dark Decent. An indie game that has received some rather good reviews.

It's a first person horror game. You have no guns, no bombs, no swords and no fists...wait you have fists but you're not allowed to swing them in anger. Your only chance of survival is to run, run far far away and hide in a cupboard somewhere. No joke, I have only discovered one type of ghoulish monster so far, he has floppy skin and a scary moan. when I first encountered him, I ran and hid in a cupboard (It's bloody good strategy as it turns out, one that I might apply in the real world when things get tough).

There is a story. It's inspired by some guy called Lovecraft or something - I have never heard of him. You probably have, your probably thinking how come this guy has never heard of H.P Lovecraft, the philistine.

Anyway you need to travel through this castle to the secret chamber...hmmm I think that's right. It's a tough journey only because of the fact that the game is FAR too scary to play for more than an hour. There are tons of creepy sound effects, screams, bugs that crawl over your face as slowly drift in to madness. That's one of the main game-mechanics; trying not to go mad - cool huh? It's dark, horrible and I'm determined to finish it.

Tonight I'm going to attack it with a bottle of vodka, hopefully I will be able to pluck up the courage to delve deeper.

If you don't here from me for a while I could be in therapy, or slumped at my keyboard.

Costume Quest, Batman and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

I think I'm about a year behind the world... exactly a year. People do stuff, buy stuff and discover cool places nearly a year before I ever do. So when I strolled happily in to work and proclaimed that I have just completed that rather brilliant Batman game - Batman: Arkham Asylum I got a few strange glances as the majority of people bought it and completed it a year earlier..."bugger" I thought "one day I will be the cool kid in town, one day".

Here's the trailer for the new game Batman: Arkham City, complete with Luke Skywalker as the Joker. Hopefully I will be on the ball enough to get this one when everyone else does.

What else, what else. Oh yes,  I played and completed Costume Quest the other day; a cut down RPG with a cool take on the quick time event (basically pressing the right button at the right time). It's dirt cheap on Xbox live and worth a shout if you have a spare few days. There are a few issues with it but the charm and the jokes help to smooth out the edges. I have heard rumours that there is going to be a Christmas update coming as the current one is Halloween specific. I can't be bothered to explain further so here is a trailer.

I managed to get a copy of Need Hot Pursuit as they make the game in the studio below where I work. It's really it a lot of fun...a lot of fun. In fact it's up there with the most fun you can have on line with 7 other strangers. Innuendo aside you other take the role of a criminal or a cop. As a cop you must shut down illegal street racers by bashing in to them or using some custom weapons to take them down. Or you can play as a criminal taking part in the races - cops hot on your arse.

Anyway, that's about it this month, I'm off to watch Come Dine With Me, then it's Xfactor and maybe some Walking Dead for desert. Laters

Death Spank and his Friend Sparkles the Wizard

Death Spank, an Xbox Live game in a similar vein to Diablo and, to some extent, World of WarCraft. It's written by one of the guys that made the original Monkey Island game so it has inherited a sense of humour.

Annoyingly, this is EXACTLY the sort of game I used to play with Greg (Crabs) and Rob when I was living up in Sheffield. A two player romp that would easily kill a few hours and a few beers. I have an utter sense of regret that I will probably never get to ask Crabs to take the helm as Death Spank's trusty side kick Sparkles the Wizard. Or the almighty Steve, in the game's sequel: Death Spank and the Thongs of Virtue.

You see Greg is a bit like Sparkles the Wizard. Rubbish in a fight and often wears a dress and a floppy hat. He can sometimes shoot fire out of his month depending on whether we secretly added chilly sauce to kebab on a particularly hectic night out. In fact I might start calling him Sparkles...it's seem apt. 

I guess I will have to play this on my own. My house mates seems more interested in Fifa and Eastenders or Fif-stenders as I will now call it. Sniff...DUDES I TOTALLY MISS YOU!