Potter, Portal 2, CityVille, Game of Thrones and Fringe

Hi Hi Hi, Hi there. Long time no see. whatcha' been up to and that? interesting, interesting. RIGHT, enough about you let's talk about me.

I have been busy. No time for blogs. I'm currently helping final Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It's been a really interesting process - I have learnt LOADS by the way which is nice and rather useful. Hey look, here is the trailer:

I have played/completed it so many times now that I reckon I am probably the best in the world at it...serious, super serious!


Portal 2, blah blah blah, Stephen Merchant is in it, blah blah blah amazing game mind bending puzzles, blah blah blah best game ever made. Blah blah blah trailer:

Starting playing CityVille on FaceBook for my sins. I sometimes imagine sitting in a dark room doing crack...no idea why that popped in my head. Anyway I would like to say don't play it. It's addicitve, expensive and leaves you with an empty hollow feeling inside that can only been filled with...guess what...MORE CITYVILLE. Excuse me while I check myself in to rehab.

Remember when I used to talk about TV? HA!. Well here goes:

Game of Thrones, high-fantasy with Sean Bean. The intro looks like a computer game.

It's a good watch, mega production values. All the main characters wear dirty cloaks with fur-lined hoods, and all the birds get their boobs out. It's worth a watch. Conan meets Camelot. Hey that's pretty good...NO ONE STEAL THAT ITS MINE!

And finally Fringe!

Tis good, very good. It's almost over though. If Lost was a show about religion then Fringe is most definitely about science - Man of science, man of faith...remember that geeks?


By the way, if your reading this GREG, SASHA or anyone else that used to post here. START POSTING AGAIN YOU LOSERS. Also let me know if I have spelt anything wrong. Also grammer, I have issues with grammer.