The Lost Initiative Season 5 - Episode 2

I think it's on iTunes now which is cool. Although I heard that they haven't quite got the file size right yet.

The Lost Initiative Season 5 - Episode 1

I don’t seem to be able to embed the video so unfortunately you are going to have to click the link below to watch it, yes, it’s archaic I know.


EDIT: Looks like the flash has already been ripped and hosted =)

So what do you guys think? Unfortunately I have no idea what it’s like because I can’t stand watching my self on camera.

We are really interested in your feedback as the format has changed quite radically.

I better keep my opinions to myself, however you don't have to so here is a thread on the Sky forums or you could just post your thoughts here.

Killzone 2 Full Length Trailer


Sony started this round of the console wars at a slow stroll. Over the last few months they have moved to slow jog, and now I think they may be hitting ramming speed back they have just brought out the big guns.

This is the PS3 equivalent of Gears of War – Killzone 2. Sony have been keeping this ace back as I guess they didn’t want to compete with Gears last November which is understandable. It seems to have all the stereo-types covered which is essential with these types of first person shooters – epic music, clich├ęd characters and a faceless enemy.

I’m liking the nod to Apocalypse now (the crazy bald headed army dude who is shouting that speech in the trailer).
I don’t think Colonel Walter E. Kurtz approves though!

Here is a question, why does the pilot always die in these games? I guess it's a convenient "point of no return". So you can't just fly away and escape the horrors of battle - it gets really tiring being so heroic the whole time.

The Lost Initiative: Online Show Starts January 25th

We are back!

NINE...the number following 8 and preceeding 10 according to Wikipedia.

But for me it means the long wait is over. Tim Burton still has an eye for talent, even after recent creative brain farts. And so we have Nine.

This is the brainchild of Shane Acker, a genius and hopefully a great director of the future. Nine began life as a short in 2005 and still is one of the best films I have ever seen. It came to my attention when it was getting a lot of press because Burton had liked it so much he quite rightly thought it deserved a feature length production, 9-9-09 will see the release of said feature.

(genius marketing there but you have to wonder if this film isn't already finished and they're just holding off for that, christ you can just imagine that meeting "You know what would be cool....oh wow dude that's a totally sweet idea!" marketings monkeys)

Of course there's always trepidation with genius shorts getting the feature treatment but I think Acker knows what he is doing. It has the same creepy atmosphere of the orginal and the voice acting so far fits the work, but what pleases me more is that in making it into a feature they have given it an epic, adventure feel that really suits. Wait what am I telling you for CHECK IT OUT.

Of course to fully appreciate it I think you must see the original so for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you Burton for bringing the genius of shane acker to the rest of the world, I can't wait.


Forget global economic meltdown, terrorism or this evil super-flu. I'm about to flip my lid and take you all with me.

Katy Perry.

Katy Bastard Perry.

Apparently she kissed a girl, woop-de-freaking-doo. She seems to be the latest "it" girl, prancing around presenting this, singing on that. But to be quite frank she just gets my goat.

Ok, I haven't a clue when her song was actually a hit but I've heard it a lot recently and it's unimaginitive cliche pop drivel is starting to annoy me so much my eyes itch.

To elaborate I think I would of found it perhaps less offensive if it wasn't for the drip, drip of celebrity factoid rubbish that keeps invading my being. Like her saying something about Lily Allen, why should I know that?! Why do I need to know that more to the point. More of this nonsense and I'll forget something important like breathing.

And that bloody song is just sexualized trash thats been done so many times before, so you kissed a girl so has every other bloody girl with a camera and a Facebook page. Why don't you go and start a band with them moronic russian twits that were around a few years ago, you could get Sam Ronson to dj. Actually she is a lesbian, and not as far as I can tell a publicity whore, plus she seems to have a good thing going with that Lohan girl and they seem happy which is.....

(at this point my brain forgot how to process images and I went blind, I then somehow wandered into a bad area of town and was beaten by a gang of teenage girls until I could see again)

And now their telling me Watchmen might not get released!!! Jesus Christ Fox! Why don't I just bend over and let you rape me, that way you can make sure to remove the final grain of hope and humanity.

On the plus side however Galatica and Lost start again soon, oh and Bryan Fuller is back on Heroes. And Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are set to play Thomson and Thomson in the upcoming Tintin movie. Not to mention did you see the pic of Optimus Prime on the cover of Empire!!!

Happy New Year everyone, maybe I won't kill you all, yet.