GET INFECTED - Resident Evil Extinction on DVD

It's not often I get excited about advertisement campaigns but this one is pretty special. To celebrate the DVD release of Resident Evil Extinction on 18th February. Sony has created this wicked competition.

Go here:

Create your own zombie...
Your Zombie will be placed in a pen with load of other peoples zombies.

Feed it and exercise it to make your new un-dead friend stronger. Now this is the cool bit, when the count down clock on the site reached zero, your zombie and all the others will be unleashed into homepage takeover ads across a load of sites. These are the annoying ads that fill the screen, but this time they are worth watching.

You will get told which site your Zombie is one via a handy email. Then throughout the day, Alice (the main protagonist of Resident Evil Extinction) will kill them off at random. The more you trained your friend the more chance he has of surviving.


(and watch out of the un-dead Geeky Tom)


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