The Lost Initiative: Season 4 Episode 4

The episode wasn't that interesting; the podcast was a laugh though. I got to swear and they kept it in woohoo.

That crazy guy who phoned in and had a mental break down made us laugh. Properly lost the plot, he nearly came up with some gold so I will fill in what I think he missed.

This was the video he was talking about:

(This is the rabit video that I keep on posting...I just love it so much)

The other caller mentioned two things from too different dimensions can't exist in the same time and space. I think he was nearly right, this video shows that they are sending stuff back and forward in time. The smoke monster is a sort of course correction. So if things start existing in two time periods simultaneously, it kills the one that shouldn’t be there.

So that rabbit would be on the smoke monsters list. It might also mean that Eko had some how travelled in time. Also that would mean Desmond might be in some serious trouble with Mr S. Monster.

Apparently the next episode is about Dezzy, and might have some more time travel business in it....GET IN!!!


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