The Lost Initiative: Season 4 Episode 8

Was anyone else annoyed with the ending? It felt like it should have been a part of a longer episode.

I really didn't care that Carl got shot...I vaguely minded that Rousseau could be dead, but then I remembered you don't need to be alive to have a flash back episode. Episode 9 could even be a Rousseau centric episode. In fact I kinda know that it is.

It could have been ben that ordered the hit on the two fringe characters. Lots of people are also saying that if you pause the screen when you here the gunshot, you can see what appears to be the top of the head of the shooter. I don't think you can tell, but some people think that it could be either Walt or Michael.

Well we have just under a month to wait for the next show. I'm hoping Michael turns in to some kind of invincible super hero now. That would rock. If the place, time and method of your death is pre-determined then you cannot die up to that point in time. Thus, you are invincible. I hope Michael realises this and uses his powers for good, not for evil. You can film some amazing actions scenes, with guns jamming, things happening that pevent him from getting hurt...that would be genius.

Lost will return April 27, 2008.

So I guess the podcast will too.


Congested said...

I was fine with the ending to be honest. I highly doubt Danielle is dead as well, she's way too important imo (remember she was introduced in the pilot). Also I'm almost positive that it was Keamy and his moron-buddies from the freighter doing the shooting.

Frank knew Ben was @ the barracks so I'm guessing that's where they were headed and ran into Karl, Danielle and Alex as the trio were leaving the compound.

As for Michael, I'd like to see his character grow past the focus with Walt. Something like a desmond-super power thing would be cool but anything they do to develop Michael further would be an improvement over him during seasons 1-2.

Looking forward to the return of the podcast. (oh and nice way to spoil the flashback character for episode 9 Tom :P) I don't see why you all don't do a couple podcasts here and there over the hiatus but oh well.

oh PS it seems the lost ARG may possibly be coming back:

PkmnTrainerJ said...

Do you actually know if it's a Rosseau flashback for sure?

Congested said...

Iain Lee said it was as well on The Sunday Night show but I assumed it was BS as he doesn't always know what he's on about lol.

Leyton Stone said...

Actually LOST returns on April 24th, according to

4x09 | The Shape of Things to Come (Apr/24/2008)

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