Maia Sturn has a mobile phone

In a bizarre twist to this ARG, you can now gain access to Maia’s mobile phone. Some clues were left in this fax document you can access through the SearchNet...

Well, that was a pretty obvious clue. When you text the word “vapour echo” to 82252 you get sent this mobile website address:
(I think it only works on a mobile phone)

This takes you to what seems to be a mock up of Maia’s mobile phone (complete with interface), and now with a little help from the Unfiction forum’s further investigations I can bring you some photos off it.

(My phone is from the early 90’s so unfortunately I can’t see the site myself.)

These were actually on her Facebook Account, so I guess we can confirm that the two are officially part of the game. Anyway the first picture has 11-19 scribbled a wall. So naturally you enter it in to the SearchNet and you get a new video. It’s incredibly Surreal, as with the videos found in this manner. She’s in what looks to be Oxford Circus, in a crowd of shoppers that get keep on decreasing in number, until she’s on her own.

The jury is still out on what all this is promoting. I’m learning more towards some kind of TV program and I’m going to hazard a guess that its SCI-FI related…ha ha.

As its starting to go cross platform it’s becoming less and less likely that this is a small time player.

I guess it isn’t Lost then, I might as well follow it to then end anyway.


Congested said...

Yeah I pretty much deaded the idea that this was Lost once you posted about a website only being accessible in the UK. Plus all the Lost ARGs are riddled with "Hanso" this and "Widmore" that, and I doubt ABC would let all this stuff go on without letting the fan community catch wind.

I'll keep following your posts, but whoever is marketing this thing is doing a poor job at it as you can't even figure out what this ARG is for lol.

Good luck though.

Leyton Stone said...

I am the uF member that posted those photos :)

I'm leaning toward it being a "real life" version of a little thing that's recently come to my attention called "Afterworld" if you go to (Doesn't work in the UK unless you use a proxy btw) it uses CGI to tell the story of a guy called Russell Shoemaker... He heads to NY for a meeting w/ some big "IBM" guys, whilst there something happens he calls "The Fall" which causes 99% of the "population" to disappear and absolutely nothing [A.C] electrical to work.

In Maia's blog she talks about going to NY for a meeting w/ some "IBM Honchos" and in her LATEST Video she wonders about New York, whether it's the same and also wonders about "Russell"...

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