The Lost Initiative: Season 4 Episode 6

He’s a little secret from last week’s episode.

Badger, the caller who phoned and was completely rubbish is one of my friends. He has been wanting to get on the podcast for a while and he finally managed it. Its a pity he didn’t have much to say for himself, except for the word perhaps...over and over again.

Last weeks episode was a good one in terms of theories. We were actually making sense which makes a change.

Ben and Jim Robinson having previously worked together was a cracker of a theory. Ben might of even gassed Jim's parents who could have been part of Dharma. That could be why Jim is so determined to kill Ben and find the island and his parents grave.

I also liked the idea that Daniel has been time travelling and had to remember the code to deactivate the gas. It could mean that they find the time machine later on and use it to make what’s happened so far in season 4 come to pass.

Or I could be talking a load of complete bollocks which is probably more likely.


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