The Lost Initiative: Season 4 Episode 5

Doesn’t Jak sound like he’s 12 years old, apparently he’s 16 but I have a feeling he could be lying.

Anyway Lee’s quarantine idea makes sense, I’m gutted I didn’t spot it before.

I have seen complaints that I have shit theories so here ya go, he’s one that I have been thinking about for a while.

The hatch is a place for people that have had their mind transported through time to recover. Having to remember the numbers over and over again is a form of recovery. It would also mean that you would have to wear a suit and take those injections to stop the mind travel happening. It explains the sickness and also the Orchid, where the time travel experiments seem to be taking place ( I’m willing to bet that we see more of the Orchid this season)

Check this out, talking about all this time travel reminded me of this…

Mmmmh interesting huh, Einstein removed Hitler and that just made room for the Russia to start WW2. So changing history can be dangerous.

Anyway back to the theory.

Hanso was saving the world by going back in time and tweaking history so the Human race doesn’t destroy it self. However there was a side effect, the black smoke.
Jacob has been Mind travelling since he arrived on the Black Rock and has been put in some kind of limbo by all the electromagnetism there. Hence why he asks Locke to help him.

Ben is currently in charge of the Islands time travel technology. He is using it for his own means… I’m not sure what they are yet. Probably, something to do with setting up a community on the island that will live for ever (due to the islands properties)

There is also a huge magnetic field around the island created by the black rocks that are dotted around the island. This effects women giving birth, it also helps with healing (apparently).

Anyway it was a fantastic episode which I hope they build on. What I would hate is if this is the last time they mention it for 10 episodes.


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