Is this a new Lost ARG and who the feck is Maia Sturn

I totally missed the new Lost ARG. You know the one about finding flight 815. But I came across this thread on one of my strolls around the web (well lost forums).
Random Lost Forum

Basically there's a banner on this random site, which has a countdown timer in it. When you mouse over it, a video appears with a rather upset girl who reaches to switch off the camera. The words Maia Sturn, Subspot and DPS-4 039 appear too. Apparently DPS-4 039 is some place in Alaska...hmmm and its to do electromagnetism...hmmmmmmmmmmm

(By the way every time I go hmmmmmmm, I'm stroking my beard)

Heres a link to the banner

Here are some pictures if you can't be bothered to click the link (you're pretty lazy if you can't).

Pretty freaky.

I Googled Maia Sturn and it seems like this guy has found all this too, so I'm not the first...dam. He thinks its a viral marketing campaign, which of course it blatently is.

Random Blog post

Oh, and she's got a Facebook

Someone seems to be putting hints about what's coming in different places, like the video with the time travelling rabbit on YouTube that I keep linking to, that ARG and now this. The girl in the banner looks a lot like Alex, the people in the blog think it's Rousseau but I'm sure that it isn't.

Anyway, apparently the banner linked to, and on the 29th Feb there's was this random blog post. Which talks about this Maia catching a plane....hmmm plane, sounds familiar doesn't it.

Could Maia be new character they are planting on the island? Have they decided to add bit more background to her before just plonking her on the island. Maybe another plane crashes?

Anyway make up your own mind, I've got better things to do.


Look I put the countdown on the page...

Thats the way I roll!


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