Emergency SubNet: Week 2

Let me first tell you about last week first.

Well, we had another video and some more blog posts last week. They seem to be uploading a new piece of everyday, except on the weekends where they seem to. That could mean that it is a 9 to 5 company that is probably doing this.

The site seems to be counting down. The files in the public net have extensions that seem to point to this theory. Also the content of the videos and the blog post also seem to be confirming this.

Hidden in what they are calling the search net are loads and loads of flash movies and PDF files and images. It seems that hidden in these documents are letters which when combined together (hangman style) makes a word. There seems to be a never ending supply of these, which could be added weekly...or daily...or even hourly.

Anyway when you type the hangman-like word in to the SearchNet you gain access to a really crazy video:

(By the way the word to access this video is Conquer)

It’s a mixture of CGI, film footage and photography. This leads to think that this could be supporting a computer game rather then Lost. It’s very UK centric so it would have to be UK based game. It reminds me a lot of 28 days later, but without the Zombies. It seems something has happened to Great Britain to make it no so great anymore. So maybe is some kind of point and click adventure game. However Sam and Max is the only game that is having any success in that genre at the moment so it’s bit unlikely.

There is one clue. Some of the file extensions have “SE9A” in them. Could this be a new Sega game? Doubt it; they aren’t that inventive (let’s hope Uk Resistance didn’t here me say that).

Finally I’ve finally worked out what the % bar in the top right hand corner is. When it reaches 0 you basically get chucked off the site. You must only get a certain amount of time on the site, which is both cool and a bit fucking annoying. I’m leaning more towards the cool at the moment.

If you want to follow the progress then check out this thread on this ARG forum, they all seem to know what they are on about:

The Unfiction Forum

And this is where I get most of this post from.


Leyton Stone said...

The first part of each of those 'codes' (SE6A SE9A etc) Are all U.K postal codes with something else attached to them... For example SE9A = South-East London, 9... And the A is probably first part of that 'area'.

Our Postal/Zip codes are really weird here ;)

Anonymous said...

type in Church of England and it shows a map with locations for the subnet, as well.

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