The Enegency SubNet: Week 3

After a week of sifting through the videos, blog and the SearchNet entries. Last weeks Keyword was found to be Purgatory.

Once entered in to the SearchNet you are treated to the usual dream-like video-scape.

On a side note the rather industrus "Steph" from the Unfiction forums has created a Google Map of Maia's journey across London.

You can download Google here.

And the download her excellent work from here.

On a side not, I was going through daily motion and someone has uploaded a Maia video. Which made me chuckle to myself.

Well it looks like the mystery might have been solved!

One of the blog entries struck a cord with one the guys over at the (yup you guessed it) Unfiction forums.

"When the Crash happened, there were thousands of people around me and then - gone. Disappeared complerely. Clothes, jewellery, everything. They just vanished.

Except me. Was I standing in the right place? Protected somehow? Am I different? Or was it just a miracle?"

Apparently this is a very similar to a happening that occurs in a show called Afterworld.

Stolen from Wikipedia

"Afterworld premiered in the United States on the YouTube and on February 28, 2007 with the production website being launched in May, 2007. The series quickly built a loyal fanbase but did not really take off until August, 2007 when it was 're-released' on MySpace. In conjunction with that release the series was also released in Australia on the Sci Fi Channel and also as a mobile pod-cast."

"After travelling to New York City on a business trip, Russell Shoemaker wakes to find all electronic technology dead and more than 99% of the human race missing"

So it sounds like there are a lot of ties in with what's happening to Maia, but from the US perspective. This could mean that there maybe could be a UK version of the show on its way - the website does say "Europe - Coming soon".

I managed to watch the first 10 episodes here on Youtube. The others seem to blocked to the UK.

Afterworld on Youtube

It's not bad. At first I thought it looked a bit shoddy but the story got me hooked. I started finding that watching the episodes was strangely relaxing. Strange but annoying true...problem is that I can't get anymore of it.

Anyway, we have either got this one solved or Afterworld just got a load of free advertising.

I'm starting to think that this could just be a bit of random entertainment. Not actually promoting anything, except maybe a design companies skill and imagination. Its either that or Afterworld, lol.

I love the web, where else can you get free entertainment.


Credit goes to the ever vigilant Leyton Stone, who has found some additional clues:

"I'm leaning toward it being a "real life" version of a little thing that's recently come to my attention called "Afterworld" if you go to (Doesn't work in the UK unless you use a proxy btw) it uses CGI to tell the story of a guy called Russell Shoemaker... He heads to NY for a meeting w/ some big "IBM" guys, whilst there something happens he calls "The Fall" which causes 99% of the "population" to disappear and absolutely nothing [A.C] electrical to work.

In Maia's blog she talks about going to NY for a meeting w/ some "IBM Honchos" and in her LATEST Video she wonders about New York, whether it's the same and also wonders about "Russell"..."


Leyton Stone said...

lol hey Geeky Tom! I don't know if you actually read my comment about 2 posts or so down... But I did mention "Afterworld" and give 2-3 more comparisons between the two.

The main one there is that they both (Maia and Russell Shoemaker) are headed to NYC to meet w/ some huge IBM guys and another is that in the latest vid Maia states that she wonders how NY is doing, whether it's still the same and she also says "What about, Russell?"

Leyton Stone said...

Oh... I also think you should get a good nights sleep before blogging :P

P.S you're probably about six clues behind on EmergencySubnet now haha!

Geeky Tom said...

I'm about a week behind as it

Sorry I missed your comment, I will add it to the post ; )

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