The Lost Initiative: Season 4 Episode 7

I found this week’s episode a bit boring. I have never been a fan of Jin and Sun. I guessed the twist 20 minutes in to the show so I wasn’t as surprised as I could have been when the final scene was revealed. The podcast had a load of mistakes in it as well; I think we call Matthew Abbadon, Micheal Abbadon at one point which is pretty bad. Everyone has there off days I guess, but I bet we have pissed off the die hard fans with our school boy errors. They don’t really have a lot of time for people that make these kinds of mistakes. I think we also mucked up the date on the gravestone which I bet people won’t be happy about; apparently it wasn't the date of Jin's death, it was the date of his and Sun's birth. Well you can’t win em’ all, plenty more fish in the sea, what’s done in done..ok I will stop now.

Anyway Michael making his long awaited appearance was a great moment. It saved the episode in my view. If you watch the episode again apparently you can seem him standing with the other crew members with his hood up, hiding from Sayid and Dezy when the crazy lady throws herself off the boat.

Jesus, the crazy lady. What the hell is going on there? Is she unstuck in time without a constant? Or is there another side affect from being near the island that we are yet to find out about.

Next week is the last episode for about a month so we will all have to wait for the last 5 episodes. Dam the writers strike...wait a minute, I can’t stay mad at those guys...they write such good TV. On a final note, bring back the sliding trombone noise when the show cuts to breaks. It made the show in my humble opinion.


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