American Spaced: Land of the free, home of the stolen idea.

Now I have to admit, this is kind of old news. I heard about this torrid piece of crap idea ages ago and thought not on your nelly. American Spaced.

Yup, one of the greatest TV series to ever come from this blessed isle, that shot what is now some of our greatest talent into the big time. Without Spaced we would not have Shaun of the Dead, nor Hot Fuzz. Well now the Americans want it, and they didn't ask.

The reason I thought nothing of this story at the time was for the simple reason that no one from Spaced had any idea about, right down to Edgar Wright posting a wtf! in response.

Well now the American studios being the ignorant, greed blinded sycophants that they are have decided to just go ahead any way and make this festering pustule. It also seems they're not even interested in any involvement from the shows originators at all, because of course that would endanger their torturous aberrant abortion that they will label "top class fun", "a delightful wheeze" or some other such marketing toss-wank.

AND worst of all its freaking McG at the helm. DAMN IT! I need to lay down. It ain't all bad though because at least we get to read the response from the Spaced lot.



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