The Emergency SubNet has taken over!

Well the counter got down to 0 on Monday, the world didn't end. No references to Lost have been made and it seems we have an new ARG on our hands.

The counter now points here:

As soon as you click the URL you get this creepy video of a girl, talking about how everything has gone wrong and how she misses her mother; super crazy stuff. The next screen you see is this:

It seems to be some kind of back-up system for when the Internet goes down. It's looks pretty British, probably because the web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee...a British guy. I don't think anyone has asked if this is his handy work yet. I'm probably way off here like normal.

The site is split in to 3 sections. There is the CommNet which you can't access. The PublicNet where you can find the video you watched at the beginning and what seems to be blog posts, probably made by that rather creepy lady.

The last section is called the SearchNet, where you can do exactly that. Some people have been entering lots of different words and coming up with some crazy things:

This blog has been keeping up with the Drama, so I recommend making a visit as she is doing a great job logging all the stuff that happens.

The strangest thing about this site is that people in the US can't see the site. I'm not sure if this is part of the ARG. I have a feeling it could be, as there seems to be lots of clues pointing to the theory that the US has made some kind of aggressive move on the UK. This has annoyed all the Americans that were hoping to look at the site. If it is an ARG to support some kind of Film or TV program it must be a UK based show, why block off half the world if it isn't. Unless you are at war with half the world. Maybe its the second coming of the British Empire!!! GOD SAVE OUR...etc


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