Most people say that the Ang Lee Hulk movie sucked, I disagree. Most people say the upcoming "remake" starring Ed Norton is proof of this fact, I disagree.

What people don't understand, and what the movie world don't understand is that comics are a ubiquitous medium. With each new writer and artist we see a new dimension of each character, the focuses change and this makes for a really interesting experience.

Ang Lee's film focused on Bruce Banners issues with his father on level which did not involve appropriate "Hulk Smash", I for one appreciated the psychological approach. I did not however appreciate the obvious studio interference in the fact that whenever Hulk smashed we ALWAYS had to be informed that no one was hurt, losers.

So now we have new writers, a new artist, new Banner, and damn does Norton look good (Avengers movie will be so sweet). But most of all we have new trailer, with an enemy Hulk can go toe-to-toe with, and in a city! Lets just hope someone gets seriously hurt.



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