Satellite images on the Emergency SubNet

The CommNet is finally open and we now have access to two satellite images. One of them covers London Bridge, while the other is of Big Ben (Westminster). Apparently the people behind the subnet have hidden letters in the images.

An E has been found in the back window of an abandoned car in the Westminster image. However this is where there search has run dry.

I was looking at the Unfiction thread on the ARG and I came across a screenshot that made me chuckle.

You guys must be loosing your touch.

Last time I checked, London Bridge didn't have a Gigantic "L" on the top of it.

Scratch one up for Tom!


Leyton Stone said...

There's also apparently an "E" through the rear window of the car on the Government cam (top left corner) And also if you check this pic...

The rooftop makes an "E"

Whether or not it means anything, I don't know but right now we've made "LEE" lol

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