The Shape Of Things To Come...

I managed to watch the new episode of Lost on Saturday. Don't ask me how, but its because I'm not going to be around this weekend to do the Podcast. Which I'm incredibly annoyed with because this is without the doubt the episode of the season...maybe the greatest episode ever.

I'm not going to go in to why its absolutely amazing... I will leave it to the guys on the podcast.

What I will say is a theory we had a few weeks back maybe completely spot-on. Which is great because we all get a bit of stick for apparently not knowing what we are talking about. So IN YOUR FACE, all you people that said we were "worse then your clueless friends at work". It seems our theories aren't as rubbish as you seem to think.

It feels like Lost has gone up a gear, entered a new phase. I will hopefully explain more this Monday when everyone has seen the show.

I will leave you with this little teaser!!!

"He changed the rules"


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