Grand Theft Auto 4; The BBC thinks its the end of the world

The BBC have done it again...

I woke up this morning, bleary eyed. Stumbled across by bedroom and turned on my TV; the first thing I normally I do. I enjoy the dull monotones of Breakfast on the BBC, it helps me wake up.

This morning my anger levels started to rise as my poor sleepy ears picked up what could only be described as the complete and utter bollocks that was being farted out of my TV's speakers.

Yes that's right Grand Theft Auto 4 was released today in the UK, and guess what. The BBC have decided its the end of the world.

Ugly old crone, and doddering old man as I like to call them where at it again. Trying their hand at reporting popular culture but unfortunately as usual, messing it up with their lack of experience in that perticular field (because they are old and ugly).

The two presenters rapped-up in their hatred for the game that the two experts they had in to give the normally balance BBC view got made to look like, violence obsessed freaks.

The experts were trying to promote the free rooming nature of the game, and the fact that the developers had successfully created a main character which isn't this Russian immigrant that is plastered all over the package. But the actual city it self.

But apparently that is not the reason the BBC had decided to talk about that game today. They were out for blood.

"Surely violent games are bad for kids"
"Violent games aren't ethical"
"Kids can't tell the difference between games and real life anymore"



So I guess parenting definitely isn't a factor in how kids behave. Kids just do what Rockstar tell them.

Oh but its gets so much better. They finished this pathetic little piece with the passing comment that, in-fact both of them have never actually played the frigging game.


What made me laugh the most is the people the presenters think they represent the most, where in-fact phoning in and texting saying things, like:

"Well its a 18 certificate game, its not for kids"

"Its the parents fault for buying their kids the game in the first place"

"It's just like letting your 10 year old kid watch Scarface, you wouldn't let them do that. So why buy them a 18 certificate computer game"

To be honest, I shouldn't have really expected much. These are the people that said that gaming on the the Wii would never beat the excitement of a good book, or was that news night.

Anyway I know this show is probably aimed at an older audience, but I have never seen more a more shit fueled ten minutes of TV in my whole life.



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