Joss Whedon's Dollhouse and Diablo 'Juno' Cody's TV comedy

I'd love to come up with a really juicy post that could match up to my last one on Fringe, the new JJ Abrams project, but I fear this isn't it. Sadly, I have not yet been able to procure the script for Joss Whedon's latest endeavour - also for Fox and also a sci-fi action stylee thing. Thus far, what I know is that Eliza Dushku (I know you know but in case not, she was Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) plays one of a team of secret agents who carry out tasks for goodness knows who.

The kicker is that these agents are 'dolls' who are able to be imprinted with any number of special skills or abilities in order to carry out their missions. When they return to base - the titular Dollhouse - their memories are wiped. However, Dushku's character slowly begins to realise what the truth of her situation is, which will obviously lead to a clash with the powers that be. Tahmoh 'Battlestar Galactica' Penikett is also said to now be attached as a potential love interest for her. It all sounds very appealing, although Whedon could probably announce plans to publish his shopping list and I'd get excited. If anyone's been able to read the pilot, put me out of my misery and tell me what you think!

However, I have read Diablo Cody's new TV comedy script for Showtime (US cable channel) - it's called United States of Tara and it's about a woman who suffers from multiple personality disorder. It's definitely Juno in style - witty, pithy dialogue and quirky characters. If it didn't have Toni Collette cast as Tara then I'd probably wonder if the main conceit (one woman being various different personality types) would be annoying or just plain unbelievable, but Collette is a superb and versatile actress, so I'll hazard the opinion now that this will be good. Time will tell....


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