The Emergency Subnet, Channel4 and Afterworld

So, the final word was solved a bit slower then the first 3. I guess they tried to make it a bit harder as it seems to be the final clue and video.

The last video turned out to be quite cool. It’s a mash up between Afterworld, and the SubNet. You see bits of Russell, which I guess if from the show. As well as shots of Maia, the ones we have been seeing for that last 4 weeks.

Any week’s word was REVELATION, and here are some screen grabs from the resulting video.

At the end of the video you get automatically forwarded here:

where you can watch the first 4 episodes.

I have only watched the first 10 on YouTube as you can’t see anymore. So I guess they will be showing the whole thing on C4. It’s a bit of a bold move for C4. Maybe a bit too bold as they are showing this “animation” at 2 o'clock on a Saturday morning; I guess I will just record it on my freeview box.

If TV isn’t your thing it looks like you can watch it on the site as well which is pretty cool.

Fair play to C4, they have taken a risk with this one. I hope it pays off for them because I’ m a fan of SCI FI and from what I have been reading, reaction to this one has been pretty good so I think I’m going to give this one my time.


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