Yes that's right, World of Goo.

Following my brief jaunt from the blog-o-sphere I found myself pondering upon what nugget of information to use in an attempt to thrust myself back into that particular mindset. And as I was sifting through a miasma of crappy game trailers I'm hit by the title-World of Goo.

Naturally I'm curious, who wouldn't be, add to this the fact it's listed as a Wii title and I can barely control myself.

And ooh sweet betsy was I pleased, not only does this game titivate those ascetic brain cells but this looks to be some truly ingenious gameplay. However, it was the inspiring music of this trailer that finally won me overly.

I just love the whole design of this thing, very reminiscent of my all time favourite cartoon Invader Zim.

Whats more not only can you get a pc-only preview chapter if you pre-order, it seems there are T-shirts too!!! Just head on over to the boys at 2DBoy.


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