Mirror's Edge: Through the looking glass.

Not really sure about that title there, bit pretentious you think?

Anyway, something odd happened the other day, I'm on the Playstation store and I come across a game trailer for a game I'd never heard of, I know, shocking.

Said game is called Mirror's Edge and is a FPS from DICE the creators of the Battlefield series. You take the role of a lady named a Faith who is a futuristic delivery girl called a runner (aren't they the poor sods that get tea for everyone in the entertainments industry) trying to clear her name of a murder charge, so the experience as a runner comes in handy then.

The game uses parkour, something which is becoming more and more popular in games design (and subsequently more and more boring), however it has until now been the realm of third person games. Something about this looks different though, everything does in fact, it stands out. And then I realized what it was, its so bright, and I still don't really understand why but it just made me want to play.

I'm always looking at new game trailers and recently I can't say anything has got me tingly, till I saw this.



Geeky Tom said...

Man that looks sweet

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