Haze, GTA IV. Next Gen games worth the wait? part 2

So here is the second part of the two part, sort of three part post, you'll see why shortly but first I must explain the other reason for me not posting for a bit and risking the wrath of The Geek, seriously when he gets going he's like a Yorkshire terrier on pcp.

Ok, I told a white lie, Haze did not actually stop me posting because it only took me part of a day to finish. A wasted day if you ask me. I'm wary of being to negative in these things but I think there's a certain level of craftsmanship you should expect from modern games, and Haze was found wanting. Shit, it was found selling the Big Issue outside McDonalds.

This is another example of far too much hype, yet again, once more. However, everything that was hyped, the nectar system and then the rebels using the nectar against the soldiers, all that actually works quite nicely. Problem is when you produce that much hype for an FPS with a new unique aspect it's kind of important to remember the basics.

I'm going to list a few, agree/disagree/suggest more whatever:

  1. Decent, interesting, balanced weapons
  2. well designed levels that both challenge and entertain
  3. an A.I. that doesn't have to be Einstein but at least doesn't make you feel like you walked onto a suicide ward
  4. a story that doesn't get in the way of good gaming
I'll leave it there.

So weapons? Unbelievably boring. There are two sets, one for the soldiers and the other for the rebels. I could barely differentiate between the two but why should I need to when you basically just end up using the assault rifle.

I can tell that the levels were probably designed by the work experience boy because I'm sitting here trying to actually remember one and I just can't. Not mention that when looking for images to accompany this post I was stuck as they all looked the same.

A.I. yes it is long film with that annoying child in it. Not much to do with Haze though, when you consider at one point there's was an annoying repetitive sound of someone being hurt. I soon discovered it was a team mate standing on a fire, thats it, just standing, while he burned. Perhaps they came up with an amazing new system of a sliding scale A.I. were intelligence varies and some characters are really freaking stupid, a new attempt at realism?

Oh boy the story, well actually thats not too bad; I'd say your typical FPS narrative with a nice twist that you switch sides a one point. So would someone like to explain to me why I had to sit through the lengthy verbose bollocks speeches? Every time you finished a level all you did was sit and listen to someone natter at you for god knows how bloody long. Gee thanks mate, now I feel you have develop the story sufficiently that my character is fleshed out. OR you found new ways to destroy my remaining brain cells with you pointless drivel.

At this point I was going to discuss the glitches but I can't be arsed to complain any more. So I'll will just say - yup every game has them but the shit that was happening here is just not on for a game of this size.

Needless to say I was very disappointed, not as much as my friend who had spent his hard earned cash on it, fool.

Part 3 (sort of)

After playing these two new Next Gen titles; GTA IV I highly recommend though it is flawed, and Haze...I have enough coasters thank you; I got to thinking is Next Gen worth it?

We have all these titles coming out extolling the virtues of Next Gen technology and when they arrive it seems more often than not their a bit naff. Why?

Too much hype? A focus on gimics rather than solid gaming?

I feel we have lost our way, as I said yesterday we're all hungry for the next fix, the latest innovation. Game designers are spending so much time trying to make games look prettier or give you some amazing new way to play something you've been playing for years they forgot the basics. We forgot the basics.

Take Resistance: Fall of Man, this was the first Next Gen title I played, yup it looked amazing so a good start and then everything else about it was a fairly standard FPS. You know what though, don't think I've played any Next Gen game as much. No they didn't break new ground, but they stomped all over the old ground in big shiny ass-kicking boots. And when the sequel comes out I may have to book that day off work.

I say shove your "exciting new gameplay" up your arse and give me a decent game. You polish a turd it's still a turd, remember that.

Next up is MGS:4 holiday smackdown, yup I'm taking holiday to play a game, some people sleep in a mobile shed. Don't feel I have to worry here Kojima isn't stupid, he knows what works, he owns this.



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I could have told ya it was going to be shite.

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