The Avengers: I just did a huge geeky sex wee!!!

Sssooo Iron-man rocks hard tasty abs. We all know that there's no way in hell they wouldn't be making a sequel, and everyone plus their mates (and some random people in the street in my case) knows that their making The Avengers movie.

But then I get hit with this bomb shell!!!

Iron-man 2 Apr 30 2010

What are we going to see here? They've done such a nice job setting up the characters in the first film, there's a lot to work with. We've seen the scene stealing, fame loving stark but throughout that film his driven side also shines through.

One of the things that I really loved about the first film was a possible set up for his alcoholism, too heavy for a comic book film? Not i think with the tone of the last film, and who else could pull it off but Downey jr.

And the other big question is what suits will we see, abnd who will be wearing them?

Thor June 4 2010

With the Avengers movie on the way you knew it was going to happen but it great to see it confirmed. I love Thor, he's a bit more out there than the other Avengers, you know what with being the Norse god of thunder, son of Odin. That kind sets you apart from the usual billionaire playboys and super soldiers, plus he's got that long blonde hair.

Be interesting to see if they go the traditional route or use the Ultimates version of Thor, the eco-warrior/ex-psycho ward patient. I certainly think the latter is far more fun.

The First Avenger: Captain America may 6 2011


Ok know I just said "With the Avengers movie on the way you knew it was going to happen" etc but this really gets me excited. To me Captain America is for Marvel what Superman is for DC, he's the first, a beacon, an example.

When I first heard about The Avengers movie I got excited because I knew it was coming and I thought wouldn't it be cool if they did a prequel/Captain America movie were we see Cap fighting the Nazis before he gets frozen in ice to later be found by S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.

Boy would that ever.

I have a small hope that with this title that may be there angle, I live in hope, everyone would love to see Cap kicking Nazi arse. Am I right. of course.

My other thoughts are someone like Micheal Bay for director, you definitely need those over the top set pieces with powerful, stirring music forcing you to throw a fist in the air and shout" YEAH GO CAPTAIN AMERICA!".

As for the music its got to be the one pure genius when it comes to appropriately military style music, Harry Gregson Williams. This guy is a god to me and the Tom, he does the music for the metal gear solid series and that music kicks arse.

The Avengers July 2011

Finally the big one. The absolute genius of doing a cross-over movie makes we wonder why everyone isn't doing this. After all the studies love franchise, but the run out of steam, so spice it up with a cross-over, it's almost like someone thought if this before. hmmm.

So the line-up so far in no particular order is Iron-man, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, Ant- an (Edgar Wright) so we may be seeing his wife Wasp. All the original line-up.

Whatever happens this movie is going to have to be big, the whole inspiration behind The Avengers was they fight enemies that are to much for one hero. We are talking global here, I got one word for you,



PkmnTrainerJ said...

Nice to see a post by you crabs. Does Tom realise he threw a strop during the podcast?

Anyways, Avengers film will kick multiple arse. They recently doubled Thor's budget which is nice and people will love to see Cap alive again, even if it is in the films and not the comics.

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