Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - Holiday has been booked off

That’s right, I fucking love this game, its got so bad that I have booked 2 days off work to go up to Sheffield and play the fuck out of it on the 12th June.

The love affair started back when I first played Metal Gear on the Playstation 1. I think it was the moment you had to unplug you controller and plug it in to port 2 – that being the only way you could defeat one of the bosses, genius.

We were next destined to meet in my first year of university. One gigantic all night session later and we have pretty much completed it. I was always remember the part when the game starts telling you "you have played far too long and you need to have a rest". It caused a few a few tired gasps, and some laughter…and I think everyone pretty much agreed with what the game was telling us.

I felt sorry for the guy that bought the game...he let us all borrow it for the evening and we handed it back to him

The last time we all met Snake...well, Snakes Dad was in my last year of University. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, was a more subdued affair. Less booze and drugs, more intellectual conversation about the plot and how much this game was like a James Bond Movie. The game took us longer to complete as well, nearly 2 days. Maybe we are loosing our touch.

Now its 2008, and its Snakes final mission.

Apparently we are going to get all those questions answered and we might just find out what the fuck is going on. Inbetween breaking some necks and shooting some crotches.

AND apparently we may, just may...see...Snake...die!!!!!

Also there are rumours of a 90 minute cut scene...I’m hoping it’s the ending, because Snake definitely needs to go out in a Gigantic blaze of glory.

Anyway I texted the team this morning and got these responses, which made me smile.

It’s already pre-ordered, can’t bloody wait – Owen
I’ll shave my balls and moisturised my ass, I’ve got it off too – Crabs

Right, I’m off to listen to this piece of music again and again...BECAUSE I BLOODY LOVE IT.

You should listen to this everyday!

I love you Snake.


Crabs said...

Just realised that's the first time I've heard the english snake in a trailer since this game has been coming out. Freakin Sweet!!!

Geeky Tom said...


It seems to be getting perfect scores all over the place. A mash up of film and game.

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