Lost - There's No Place Like Home: It will all probably end very badly...

Bad meaning good of course.


The last episode of the season is being shown tonight in the US. Which sucks for us guys in the UK because we now have to spend the following 3 days in total Internet seclusion.

I managed to ruin it for my self last season. I kind ‘a stumbled across the ending…which took away the bang of the last scene, you now the one. That fantastic bit when bearded Jack babbles in Kate’s face about getting back to the island. So I’m going to have to be bloody careful this time so I can squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of the last show.

Me Iain and Paul have all decided that we will be watching the show together, so no sneaky previews / spoilers. So the excited gibberish that you will be hearing on the podcast will probably be genuine.

I have heard that a few people haven’t been getting the whole “Jim Robinson” thing. The reason we all joke on the podcast about Alan Dale/Charles Widmore being Jim Robinson is because when we were younger he was a character on an Australian soap called Neighbours. Pretty much everyone in the UK grew up watching it, well me Iain and Paul obviously did, hence why we find it so amusing.

So to the people that think we have absolutely no idea what we are talking about, I say this: Half that time you are correct, but I’m afraid on this occasion we are just messing around. We know that he’s really called Charles Widmore, bloody hell, I never thought I would have to explain this one. lol

Look, here is a link to Wikipedi which will explain all of this, thanks Wikipedia

Jim Robinson

I'm hoping I won’t have to come back here and explain Frank Lapenis

Anyway catch ya Monday for the silliness.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the podcast Tom, but with the song at the end and all, does this mean you won't be back for the season 5 podcasts or for any in-between?

Geeky Tom said...

Only time will tell...

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