Just for the record

I was rather ill last week. Hence why I couldn’t do the Podcast. It was just pure co-incidence that I had received my brand spanking new Xbox 360 with a freshly sealed copy of GTA 4 that week. Of course I spent the week playing the fore mentioned game, it called to me. It’s very good by the way, a perfectly realised New Yor..I mean Liberty City.

The previous week I was in Sheffield with the man we all call Crabs. I was playing the Metal Gear online Beta while eating a bacon sandwich and drinking tea as you probably heard. I’m sorry but the promise of bacon sandwiches and Metal Gear was too strong a pull. I was going to get him to chat down the phone, but then I realised that all his theories on Lost are Cack.



Anonymous said...

Love it Tom. I want you back now though, missing your sense! :D x

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