A boy and his dog. PROJECT TRICO

When I was a mere boy there was a game, this game rewrote what we thought of games. It showed us that games could be beautiful, simple yet tasking and filled with narrative depth without a convoluted plot. Put simply, PROJECT ICO was a work of genius, the closest to art a game has ever come.

Until SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS came along, with its amazing idea of 12 massive boss fights. All wrapped up in a story of a loved one lost.

And now, at long last we have the next piece of the puzzle. I understand that this is an early test video to demonstrate the game mechanics, which look nothing short of inspired. Other games designers will look at this and weep, Nintendo will look at this and weep as this is innovation they should be bringing. I look at this and weep, because I know that soon I will have the joy to play another game of this caliber.



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