Escape From City 17 - Half-Life 2 Film

Check out this fan video that has blown the Half-Life-loving internet to pieces over the last few months.

Some of you might not have played these iconic series of games so things may not make a lot of sense.

Here is a VERY brief over view from Wikipedia:

Half-Life 2 takes place in a dystopian world in which the events of Half-Life (the first game) have fully come to bear on human society, which has been enslaved by the extraterrestrial civilization known as the Combine. The game takes place in and around the fictional City 17 and follows the adventures of scientist Gordon Freeman. Freeman must fight against increasingly unfavorable odds in order to survive.

These guys have a spent a lot of time and money so it only just that they introduce their master piece:

Directed by The Purchase Brothers. (David and Ian)

Filmed guerrilla style. No crew. First two episodes made on a $500 budget, not including previous capital. Valve flew the brothers out to Seattle last year. and mentioned they were 'blown away' by the project on Steam.

Part Two is on the way. Hopefully finished by the mid May. The episode has taken more time then expected as the David and Ian are working on their careers.


Crabs said...

Freaking awesome!!!

Reminds me of Neill Blomkamp's stuff, especially "Alive in Joberg", think that visual style helps the whole low budget post apocalyptic look. Very similar to how they did it in the 80's check out all the Rutger Hauer films for proof.

There is some amazing fan films coming out at the mo, could this be the independent film revival of the new millennium?!

Seen as "the man" bought all the independent film makers and raped their souls of all creativity. Ok, maybe not all.

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