TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! Old ideas, new format?

I'm making up for lost time and blogging like it's 1999, but when something like this comes along you just have to splash it all over the place like tits in a lads mag (wow that was gross).

GAMER is a new effort from the creators of CRANK. I love those films, they are immense and really capture that no holds barred action kind of feel I remember of films in my youth. GAMER follows on the tradition of RUNNING MAN and the recent DEATH RACE remake (which was actually quite enjoyable, I know I'm a bad man, so I like mindless violence, I also look at girls boobs (theme?) far too much when I talk to them, I do have testicles you know), man on death row fighting for his freedom. Only this time it's not him who is fighting, it's some spotty teenager...

I'm loving the all out action feel, was only a matter of time before this idea was really explored in a film. And if CRANK is anything to go by this film will kick the prerequisite amounts of arse required.



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